Who wasn't bugging GSOC


What’s the end game here. I assume none of these cunts will do any time or face any real consequences from the tribunal. Will Mccabe at least be able to sue them for defamation? The cunts should be ruined. Its infuriating.


It really still was the age of the dinosaur.


His marriage was discovered as part of Operation Vantage which was established following new legislation and which last year identified over 450 sham marriages.

Be wide @Robert_Emmet :grinning::grinning:


My lot came in on the banana boat a long time ago, pal.



Alison O’Reilly and Gemma O’Doherty giving evidence today.

I’ve tried to follow as much of the evidence as I could so far. Based on what I’ve followed these are my conclusions.

Martin Callinan is going to get fried in the report. John McGuinnesses testimony was as damning as I’ve heard.

Noirin O’Sullivan may just about get out the gate. She may or may not have been smearing Sgt McCabe but if she was she was subtle about it and the two people linking her to a smear campaign ( Debbie McCann of the Mail and Supt Dave Taylor) are either fantasists or whackjobs. Or both. Taylor is also engaged in covering off his own position and I believe that the Chairman of the tribunal has picked up on this. The transfer of mails by Taylor after he was removed from the Press Office to the traffic corps is astonishing as is the volume of contact between him and the crime journalists after this time.

I’m pretty sure the Tribunal will make a finding about how grossly improper is the volume and type of contact between the Garda and the crime journalists. Alison O’Reilly wanted to write a positive piece on the whistleblowers but her editor spiked this because it would upset the guards and they wouldn’t feed Debbie McCann any further crime stories. Debbie McCann and Paul Reynolds are the children of Superintendents.

The whole picture coming out is loathsome.


It’s actually mental what went on. Callinan acted with impunity. It’s the kind of storyline that wouldn’t be out of place in a movie like the Departed. Callinan’s testimony clash with everyone else’s, he’s an utter cunt and is fucked. Noirin was close to callinan, she may have kept just enough distance though. Taylor used the protected disclosure legislation to come forward and cover his own ass.


That’s all fine and dandy but the real issue here is why the top brass were willing to go out on a limb for local management .


Because the culture in there is not one of oversight and accountability it’s one of protecting the organisation.


One man telling the truth has managed to expose the incompetence/corruption of the following; the minister and Dept of Justice, the taoiseach, Tusla, senior mgt of An Garda Siochana, “journalists” like Reynolds, Williams and Sheehan. I’m sure there are more but that’s off the top of my head. Pig ignorant cunts couldn’t wind their necks in and now we all know how they “serve” the country. DPP are the only ones to come out of this with any credit.


I never knew that.


That’s true of nearly all Irish institutions . I am wondering is there a specific reason the top brass apprear to have gone to pretty extremes .


The Garda are an extreme case though. Most organisations are better. They were conditioned to it by Justice too who were meant to provide the oversight but also were an organisation that had this same culture to an unhealthy degree. Callinan was bananas though.


Steady on. The body count for The Departed = 23. Callinan is undoubtedly a cunt but he’s no Colin Sullivan.


McCabe must be the most hated man in the Phoenix park and Leinster house with what he has exposed. He has taken out 1 Taoiseach, 2 justice ministers, 2 garda commissioners and has discredited a few so called journalists.

At this stage I’m surprised they haven’t given him one of those gold plated state pensions politicians get just to get rid of him.


Or a bottle of Green Spot and a revolver behind a closed heavy panelled door.


Or hire the Kinahans. :slight_smile:


33 murdered in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Callinan actively harassed victims families and got a promotion for his efforts. Political police force who do the bidding of their pay masters. It’s banana republic stuff. Why was an inspector required along with two superintendents to arrest Murphy that time at 7am? To look good to their betters like true lick spittles is all I can think of. Any beat Gard could have hauled him into a station.


Oh right. It’s just like The Departed so :rollseyes:


Murphy would have walked in voluntarily. Did they send over 15 Gardai in to get him. And the GRA complain about lack of resources.