Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Stop apologising for the guards you.Your at it full time.How many members of your family are guards?


All seventeen of them. Find one of these apologies for me there like a good maneen and I surely will.


You’re guard you find them.


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ok youre right. its actually like infernal affairs


The whole thing stinks to high heaven. One man, well two if you include Wilson, decides to stick the head above the parapet and attempts to highlight wrongdoing in our policing service. In any functioning organisation issues of misconduct, and let’s be honest here illegality, would be treated with the utmost gravity and addressed immediately. Instead these cunts, aided and abetted by a complicit justice department and their poodles in the press set out to systematically destroy the chap.

It’s absolutely terrifying to think what would have happened if McCabe didn’t have the wherewithal to record conversations. Remember there were senior members of An Garda Siochana prepared to perjure themselves in an attempt to shut him up. That is a terrifying thought.

The tribunal in itself is useful in that it is shining a light on the incestuous nature of how things operate in this country. But at the end of the day nothing will change. Adverse findings will be made against a few people but they won’t give a flying fuck, a la the Mahon tribunal.
The main players Callinan and O Sullivan have already been pensioned off. The malaise in our state and political organs is so engrained at this stage that there is absolutely no will to implement any sort of reform. Our pathetic excuse of an “independent” press will continue to act as nothing more than a glorified government press office. The sheep will continue along their merry way engrossed in the coming and goings of some z list celebrity. And absolutely no one will be held to account for anything. Plus ca change.


That was a great story Callinan told about Wilson pulling a knacker off a horse and then riding the horse back the barracks bareback :grinning:


His nickname after that episode was Jocky Wilson.


Philip Boucher-Hayes says that Callinan told him McCabe had done ‘horrific things… the worst kind’ http://jrnl.ie/4047941


Isnt this type of corruption endemic across police forces all over the world. We know it is, and worse, in the UK historically. The USA is no better.


It might just be me, but having the highest levels of the police force and government smear an ordinary man as a paedophile seems a new low.


Ah yeah its absolutely fucking disgraceful shit but Hillsborough for e.g. saw 96 dead through poor policing and then a 30 year cover up across the police


That was disgraceful, but the deed was done, and it was an attempt at deflection of blame.
Plus, I’d always thought we were better than that.
Mcquaid, the laundries, and this suggest that in our own vindictive way we can match the worst anyone has to offer sadly.


Ahhh shhhtap!!


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Every one of us has a huge capacity for malevolence




Spreading vile and false accusations about an employee.
Disciplinary Action : None

Losing phones and laptops with confidential information on them.
Disciplinary Action : None

Commit perjury in court:
Disciplinary Action : None

Instruct stations to illegally record phone conversations between suspects and their solicitors.
Disciplinary Action : Retire on full pension.

Massively inflate the numbers of breath tests carried out and deflate murder statistics.
Disciplinary Action : None

Failing to disclose on your application form that you got your cock out for a few quid.
Disciplinary Action : Sacked.


That’s a cracking post.


the most shocking revelation from the tribunal over the last 7 days is that Alison oreilly is the least cuntish person to give evidence from the mail :eek: