Who wasn't bugging GSOC


“It is understood the man did not disclose his participation in the film during his application process and he may not necessarily have been required to either.” :joy:


charleton giving the evasive Debbie McCann a perjury warning now


Who’s Debbie mcann again?


Daily Mail journo whose dad is high up in the Gardai.


Do I have the capacity to officially frame a completely innocent man as a paedophile, potentially even have his kids put into care, because he had the balls to expose my day-to-day illegal corruption?

Not sure if I have that capacity.


Is it true there are no penalties for perjury in Ireland?


interesting to note the comments of (then SC) Peter Charleton, but he could possibly do her on contempt


Sounds like a normal night around here


McCann caught rapid

Is this the thread that unravels the whole sorry mess.


She will get off with whatever as she is both a girl and an insider.


What has being a girl got to do with it out of interest? Do you think Angela kerins would have got worse if she was a man? Trying to think of other examples of women in power fucking up.


She will play the poor me card. I think if @myboyblue 's favourite hack had been a man, he wouldn’t be still working away, and nominated for awards a year later.
You’re probably correct though.


She will brazen it out and not admit personal fault as ever. I don’t think anything of consequence has been thoroughly proven against her yet.


Yes you are correct. I doubt she’s guilty of a criminal offence. Just being up to her tonsils in an awful awful series of events.


Well from what I can see the evidence she gave the other day conflicts with her written submission. It’s a crack of daylight, nothing more but let’s see if McDowell and charleton can pull a bit more out of it.

Then there’s the issue of why 4 journos visited Ms D when they were all aware of DPP findings and they all happened to head up to cavan around the same time. Then there’s Conor lallys story about Ms D in 2017 about her.

They’re all hiding behind privilege when it’s been waived. No journalistic integrity at all


There’s been various conflicts in her accounts but she’s covering them over with “I can’t recall” type responses. It’s holding so far, she looks awful but nothing proven against her.


She looking less credible and more of a cunt than AOR. that’s a stunning outcome.


You were teetering on 9 there mate so happy to give that excellent post it’s tenth like


Cant see the position on Palestinian flags softening now @Cicero_Dandi


Sinn Fein will be seething.