Who wasn't bugging GSOC


So will fianna fail. The first time the established parties wont have a yes man to do their willing?


That photo looks wrong


We need to move away from the cover up culture let’s appoint an RUC man :sweat_smile:


Haha probably an mi5 plant alright


Blueshirt appointment. They’ve hit a few different birds with that stone. Annoying republicans while appointing an outsider.


Sinn Fein have been working alongside Commissioner Harris for years. It’s the Pretend IRA/Glasgow Celtic lobby that will be seething.


Sinn Fein will have no sway with him down here apart from asking a few awkward questions at the PAC.


A very clever move ahead of the impending reunification of the island.



and rightly so


The Northies are coming.




I was hoping for a German to come in and sort out the cronyism. I suppose a Hun-Lite will have to do.


He has an economics degree from the open university… he’ll be lauded as some sort of financial wizz now in the Eire media I bet?


He looks like a fat creepy cunt. I’d say Arlene and drew share a barber.


4 years experience as a deputy commissioner is not a lot.



Dinny will be delighted with that