Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Sunday Times have hinted about this shit before. Lads getting promoted off the back of putting small fry away. Top dealer grassed up his own minnions with smallish quantities of drugs. Guards promoted on back of convictions. Head lad free to carry on with Guards blessing.



The Phoenix have reported on the Kieran Boylan case from day 1.

The midlands whistleblower could cause mayhem…gov appoint an ex RUC/loyalist spy in charge of the force.

what’s Chris Patton doing these days.??? We might need him.


Anyone get a contact number?


Was passing through Dungarvan earlier today. Seems someone has a major beef with the cops down there, 3 cars parked around the town with signs on them and a massive truck parked directly across from Garda station


Three signs outside Dungarvan, Co. Waterford?




British spy taking over as Garda Commissioner at midnight. Quite a coup for MI5


Not a word from the uniformed traffic warden that had a lot to say about Scublin welfare lads earlier.
A serious blow to the state. Rest assured buddy’s, I’ll hamper his every move.


The British running rings around paddy yet again. Even my British friends are laughing at this one


We’ll get rid of this chap fairly quick


The Oirish can’t run themselves.


Dublin has a become a laughing stock. A LGBT stronghold. Falling over each other to try and be liberal


I assume the rank and file will ensure yer man won’t last long


Appointing an orange man as head of the guards :rofl:


You couldn’t make i t up.

What have sfira had to say about it? Will they go back to murdering the boys in blue again now I wonder. Is this the spark they needed.


I believe the garda themselves are most opposed to this as he called them liars in the past


There will be some very interesting leaks against him over the next few months


I can’t say anymore than this chap won’t last too long at all.



Fucking outrageous stuff. I hope Callinan is strung up by the bollocks.