Who wasn't bugging GSOC


McCabe can surely sue the bollox off him if nothing else


Paul Reynolds exonerated for his part :thinking:


And Noreen had no knowledge of it :smirk:


Just reading a bit on the coverage of the report. Callinan and Taylor hung out to dry but the some serious whitewashing of everyone else’s roles.


Complete white wash. Another Oirish farce :grinning:


Some headshot on Taylor to be fair :joy:

The judge wrote: “It is an utter mystery as to why Commissioner Martin Callinan could have decided to choose Superintendent David Taylor as his press officer. Both of them have given explanations for this decision: that David Taylor was talented, experienced, articulate and so on. He is not. All of this is just plain untrue.”


The whole point of painting Taylor as this is to decredit his testimony in terms of allegations against noirin knowing. Only paddy wouldn’t see it ffs.


In fairness to Paul Williams he was happy to announce this morning that the tribunal had looked favorably upon his evidence and that he was in a good place this morning. Those who had told despicable lies about him have had their answer.


I’m getting annoyed about this now. Charleton destroying this Taylor chap to protect Noirin I can handle, but the Courts protecting Paul Williams and him spending the rest of his life as a great wronged martyr is unforgivable. Charleton is completely fucking the country over there.

Did Paul Williams ever win COTY? He should win it now, ahead of the Ballaghdreen solicitor.


Did you follow any of the evidence?


Williams is in lifetime achievement territory at this stage. He transcends simple annual recognition




Clearly you missed the part where charleton essentially called her a liar.


I missed that too art. As did most of Joe public. Exactly as intended no doubt.


Her decision in that regard involved talking at length to officials in the Department of Justice and Equality. She is likely to have remembered that, contrary to her evidence , because she realised what was at stake.

It is also improbable that she did not have an inkling at the very least about Commissioner Callinan’s views. At the very least,

it was more than improbable that nothing emerged in the car journey with him back to Garda Headquarters from the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee on 23 January 2014.

It was disappointing to hear her evidence on this.


As for Williams supposed vindication


Important in a case like this to get your spin in first because precious few people are going to read a 400 page report, especially one that has quotes from Hamlet and Macbeth in the first couple of pages and uses words like philippic as if they were second nature to the reader.

I am over halfway through it, and while it is a thorough report and damning in spots my overriding impression is that Charleton is a bit too keen to believe the best of people.


From the extracts I read Mr. Charleton seems to have used his own opinion, as to whether or not people were trustworthy, as a basis for whether or not to accept absolutely everything they said or accept absolutely nothing they said.


Mr. Charleton seriously overestimates Williams in that article. He has obviously never heard him on the radio.


That’s a very nice way of putting it. Some might say that you are suffering the same failing in here, (which would be most singular)