Who wasn't bugging GSOC


dunno what a “tusla” is. the a child and family agency, created under the child and family agency act, tusla as a legal entity does not exist (personal bugbear done).

firstly, generally speaking, social workers are not competent to test credibility of allegations of this nature, they are normally handed overv to specialists from St louises unit or the gardai sex crimes unit.

that said, I still find the idea that the allegation went the way it did from the time she visited the counsellor as utterly incredible to be a mistake. its simply not possible.


Thats fairly heavy collusion youre suggesting


Untrue. You however despite all evidence to the contrary are still trying to defend Callinans action and question McCabe’s character.


No very true from you

A simple reading of this shows you believe people making allegations should not be believed outright.

I asked what investigation had gone into the allegation against mccabe. Art has clarified it
Giving the definitive answer i was looking for

I still cant understand how tusla, or who or whatever, dealt with an allegation without looking into it properly or passing it on to those who can.


as mr justice charleton noted, there’s a been a plethora of errors and not one in mccabes favour


it was investigated in 2006, on foot of a Ms D, and her cousin, statements. the CFA didn’t become aware of any allegation until the RIAN fuckup then there was a series of fuckups, deliberate or otherwise, which lead to statutory obligations to a) notify McCabe, b) investigate and c) have a case conference.

now tell me, is this a mistake or collusion (also bear in mind the timing)


Don’t forget the missing phones, (lots of missing phones), and the accidental completely random misfiling of a report alleging child sexual assault under mccabes name, just by accident like.


I have absolutely zero doubt of this. Nor would you if you troubled yourself to even read a broadsheet précis of what happened to Maurice mccabe.
Hollywood should be all over it. You, for once quite literally, would struggle to make it up. It is
absolutely fucking GUBU
It actually is deeply sinister and deeply chilling.


Would you ever go away and read even three basic news articles about this whole thing before you start trying to discuss it.


I was away for all this and paid no attention to irish news. I said this in the first post. I just read that picture from charletons report and thought it strange that an agency would get a complaint and not examine the credibility of the complainant or the accused. Fair play to foley for answering all the questions i asked. The only one who did. As for the hollywood aspect, it wouldn’t surprise me to be honest. The guards and authorities, who felt safe with the governments who appointed them, would be liable to do anything. Your english sensibility would be shocked.


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That’s the second time you claim to have ran me recently. Just because I don’t reply to your shite doesn’t mean you’ve ran anyone. You’re clearly completely uninformed and you’re making a fool of yourself posting away about something you know nothing about.


As a few guards have said to me, McCabe was by no means clean … but they butchered their attempts to nail him.

Paul Williams is a pure scum bag.




Appears to be the case alright


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The Charelton tribunal seems to think the Gardaí butchered their attempts to frame him. I’d be inclined to have more faith in the Tribunal findings than what a couple of cops told you in the pub.


Pub? I wouldnt be caught dead talking to a pig in a pub.


The innocence of some lads here … still putting faith in tribunals :rofl: