Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Why did the tusla social worker that made the copy and paste error have the McCabe file open when it was investigated and closed in 2006/7? Was the daughter of the guard who made the compliant looking for it to be re-opened or something?




Is that because you would be found out as a snitch? :grin:


You couldnt trust those bastards – you’d need your full faculties when talking to them.

Plus I dont want to be marked as a snitch.




The innocence of some lads here believing anything a Guard tells them


Thought it was something like that. The Garda’s daughter that made the complaint must be fucked up, god love her. Was she put up to it by the father just to get back at McCabe? If it was is the father still a Garda because he is a sick fuck to put his daughter through something like that?

The 2 Gardai that tried to stitch McCabe up in the Mullingar interview but were caught out because McCabe recorded the interview, did anything ever happen to them? Where they demoted or fucked out of the force?


I agree

Sgt D is a horrific cunt for using his daughter like that and now shes suffering from false memory syndrome.

also, what kind of cunt turns up drunk to a suicide scene.


Go fuck yourself like a good man.


That wasnt a dig. How long are you living there? Did you ever work in the itish public service? If not your hair would turn white


I thought it was a dig. I’m back in Ireland a lot. Do a bit of work and have a bit of a business starting. I bring the kids home often.


I know youd be far better up on goings on than say @balbec but the corruption of elected officials and public servants is another matter


I understand and accept the existence of petty everyday corruption. This is a whole different planet. It is deeply sinister. It is facilitated by the mealy mouthing in the report.


Maybe you do get it


The only thing the guards have ever told you is to take out your shoelaces and which bunk is yours.


You forget I married into the aristocracy. Those records have been wiped and I’m privy to a lot of top, top secret info… Little do they know that i’m feeding it back to the provos.


I did yeah. The posts don’t show the great internet victory you think you had. Why should I endlessly reply to someone who has already demonstrated that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?


Why do you reply at all, i exposed your shite that night, when you said you knew how the government were incentivising work, but then admitted you made that up too, a common theme with you. I never asked you a question or engaged with you on this thread, why would i you are clueless. You started replying to me. Then ask why should you reply to me?? Back to safe space for a lie down for you i think.


None of those things happened you loon.


You got caught out spoofing about how people are incentivised to work. You’re like an empty vessel, all noise but no substance.