Who wasn't bugging GSOC




Are you Denis Kelly?


That was what I’ve always assumed yes. There was some beef going on between McCabe and the father but I forget what exactly. That was also around the time when McCabe started to turn against his employer (the Guards) and the culture there.


The girls father turned up to a suicide under the influence and McCabe either reported him or reprimanded him.

Its makes you wonder if this girls father is fit to be a Garda, turning up a suicide under the influence, getting his daughter to make a complaint of sexual assault against McCabe just to get back at him. God knows what that cunt would be up to on members of the public that he doesn’t like.


Art referenced it above. Mccabe reported her father for turning up drunk at a suicide scene whilst on duty.


Yeah I know McCabe is seen to be the winner of this all but one big lesson the public will be taking is not to cross midlands cops.


He’s probably @ChocolateMice’s handler.


I’m glad none of them have the launch codes.


I wouldn’t even trust the cunts with the code to the door.


I take the father is still a serving guard and the other 2 that tried to set up McCabe at that interview?

Lucky for McCabe he knew what they were upto and had the smarts to out smart them. Makes ya wonder what else is buried in Garda stations.


Yep. Sgt D was put back on uniform duty and no disciplinary action against the other 2.

The gardai need to be wound up


Unreal. These fuckers should have been fucked off the force. Sure you would get sacked for less in other jobs.


Turning up to work pissed and getting your daughter to make a sex abuse complaint against the colleague who reports you? Reckon you’d get sacked for that yeah.


Except the Gardai. There ya get a slap on the wrist if you are unlucky and away ya go


Were any gardai sacked over the Mcbrerety shannigans in Donegal?



Drew cleaning house, got rid of the HR lad and now McCabe is retiring.

Sergeant Maurice McCabe to retire from An Garda Síochána http://jrnl.ie/4314200


So he’s getting rid of the people who spoke out?
Has McCabe actually been working in recent years ?


He has afaik. Nothing to gain for him by staying on now.


McCabe obviously decided not to hang around for another gift wrapped dog turd Kris Kindle.