Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Nah, McCabe’s been off sick last couple of years.

Media’s gone very silent as to whether drew approved Taylor’s retirement.


The HR guy was a big critic of the Garda top brass, they hated him.


Charleton didn’t think much of his evidence.


I saw that yeah.


Charleton was a whitewash and him a willing participant


Whitewashes don’t usually find for the little guy. I wouldn’t take all of it’s findings either but doesn’t really fit the conspiracy model.


Ah they had absolutely no choice such was the obviousness of it all.

He nailed a couple of the lads that had no where to hide but he let a lot of other people off the hook very handy.


How so? It upheld McCabe at every turn.


It exhonerated or attempted to some of the main protagonists. It couldn’t but not find McCabe was innocent but he laid blame squarely on two individuals who were expendable. A whitewash. When I heard Williams crowing in newtsalk studio about his name being cleared what else would you call it?


Who did it exhonerate that it shouldn’t have?


Williams wasn’t cleared


itv didn’t exonerate but there were certainly punches pulled


Reynolds, Williams and Noirin. Painted Taylor as a fantasist to let Noirin off the Hook. A complete Oirish con job


It would sicken your hole. Williams on the radio this morning saying how McCabe had done the country some service and he after running halfway around the country looking for stories to discredit him.


And right on cue we have the new cold case investigation. :grinning:


With Noirins son as his photographer no less





She really must have some proper dirt


Some fucking neck on Frannie Fitz