Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Getting slated in the comments.


United Nations is a joke shop.



Another Supercunt. Staggering payoff when the bollocks should be facing the court for lying.
Only in Ireland.


Hopefully McCabe will take a court case against him and that other cunt Callinhan and get a substantial payout from their pensions.


a fucking year to answer the PQs, the thieving cunts


Tis like the departed


Art, I’ve see it said it would have been legally difficult or some such for the Commissioner not to approve Taylor’s retirement. Surely he could have delayed it til disciplinary proceedings ended, have you any insight?


I’m not sure id agree that itd be legally difficult in circumstances where any retiree has to apply to the commissioner, a provisions which was designed for just such circumstances.

given the optics, he should have held off for the longest point before either refusing , or accepting


Sweeeeep sweeeeeep




ah here


Ah Art they had to work late to get the documents ready for the tribunials. Or maybe they were having some document burning parties.:grinning:


Sure they were a man down


The Garda budget is a fiction anyway, they run out of money every year and go to Justice looking for whatever amount to see out the year, it’s a fucking bananas way to run an institution. Government’s fault.


similar process to HSE/health so


Thought this was standard practice for all government departments, run out of budget, no problem here is a bit more money to squander


Glas would have us turn off the lights in the Garda Stations until the next budget :smile:


just take the money from the evidence room to pay the ESB!


Don’t they do that already?

Maybe they could sell some of the drugs they have captured to keep things going?