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Programme or series of programmes on the McCabe story starting on RTE on Monday night. Should be interesting although may cause boiling of blood which is not good for you of a Monday night.


State to defend former commissioner Martin Callinan over Maurice McCabe ‘smear campaign’

John Mooney

November 11 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

Martin Callinan retired as commissioner in 2014

Martin Callinan retired as commissioner in 2014LEAH FARRELL/ROLLINGNEWS.IE



The Department of Justice and Garda Headquarters have agreed to provide former commissioner Martin Callinan with legal representation in a High Court action taken against him by Maurice McCabe, the garda whistleblower.

Callinan sought and obtained a written agreement from Dónall Ó Cualáin, who was then acting garda commissioner, to appoint the chief state solicitor to represent him in the court proceedings against McCabe.

In addition to Callinan, McCabe is also suing the Department of Justice, the office of the garda commissioner, the attorney general and the state as part of the same action.

Justice minister Charlie Flanagan approved the agreement on the basis that it had been recommended by Ó Cualáin, who relied on the provisions of the 2005 Garda Act to assign Callinan legal representation paid for by the state.

Callinan sought the agreement following his appearance at the Disclosure tribunal, where he denied any involvement in spreading false rumours suggesting McCabe was a paedophile.

The judge Peter Charleton, who chaired the tribunal, rejected Callinan’s evidence outright after hearing from several witnesses who said Callinan had made grossly offensive statements to them about McCabe. The Supreme Court judge concluded that Callinan had deliberately plotted to damage McCabe and had been aided by David Taylor, a garda press officer. In his final report, Charleton said the pair had worked “cheek by jowl” in spreading harmful and false allegations about the whistleblower.

The agreement to give Callinan legal representation, finalised in mid-July after protracted talks involving Callinan and Ó Cualáin’s office, is said to contain a legal clause that stipulates the state would not have to indemnify Callinan for any award of damages made against him if his “bona fides” were called into question. Callinan has reportedly been told that any settlement with McCabe would be covered by a confidentiality clause, and would incorporate his liability.

Drew Harris, the garda commissioner, is seeking legal advice on the validity of the undertaking given to Callinan and whether the force can withdraw it. Depending on the advice, Harris may ask Flanagan to withdraw the legal representation offered to Callinan, who retired in March 2014.

A spokesman for Harris said all matters relating to the litigation were “under review” by the commissioner, who assumed control of the force after Ó Cualáin’s departure. It is understood the Policing Authority was not consulted by either Garda Headquarters or the justice minister about the issue.

Yesterday the Department of Justice confirmed Flanagan had approved the request to grant legal representation to Callinan last July “on the recommendation” of Ó Cualáin. A spokesman said it should be noted that state representation did not constitute an undertaking or grant of indemnity.

Flanagan formally apologised to McCabe last month in a speech to the Dail. The justice minister described McCabe as a man who saw loyalty to the people he served as “superior to any loyalty to the organisation of which he was part” and said he deserved the gratitude of everyone for bringing “serious shortcomings to public attention”.

Catherine Murphy, co-leader of the Social Democrats, said the offer to Callinan undermined the apology offered by Flanagan. “The fact Callinan sought and obtained this secret agreement raises all sorts of questions,” she said. “Why was he given a written undertaking in July after he gave evidence to the tribunal but before the tribunal concluded its hearings? Why did Garda Headquarters and the government feel compelled to provide him with this undertaking?

“Drew Harris must challenge this. The government is showing a high degree of insincerity in its dealings with McCabe. On one hand, they have offered a formal apology to McCabe and at the same time secretly supported someone who made false and hurtful allegations against him. It’s stroke politics.”

Jim O’Callaghan, the Fianna Fail spokesman on justice, said the government needed to explain its exposure in the case.

“Any settlement should take into account a contribution to the state’s exposure from Callinan, who although acting as commissioner at the time, was not acting in accordance with his duties,” he said.


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This will take down the government yet.


Be interesting to see who this McCabe programme on RTE will embarrass.


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Hopefully Paul Williams gets destroyed.


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I’ve read & listened to a lot of McCabes story and have been astonished various times.

But as a father to hear that poor man say he stopped bathing his own children, he felt that uncomfortable in the presence of other children due to scurrilous lies sickened me to the far reaches of my stomach.

Will there ever be justice for those lies?