Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Do you believe that ?




Tbh I hope to fuck he is telling the truth, that is a fairly fucked up lie to be spouting.


I think he’s milking it a bit but who knows.


Tusla admitting gross wrong doing in the claims against him is a major factor to consider.


Cheese eating rat bastard.


Fair fucks to him, you need a bit of revenge to drive you forward in life. Cant sit around blaming yourself, blame and get after others


Image there of a chain (of evidence?) lost in murky waters


Not tonight kid.


He was falsely accused of being a paedophile in a smear campaign orchestrated by the highest ranking Guard in the country. His life was fucking wrecked and you think he’s milking it a bit?


The fact he checked him into St John Of God gives an inset into his mindset at the time. He was clearly rattled and questioning everything. I would say his marriage was in a very precarious position as well.


He came across fairly well there. A bit of a nerd or something, giving out about lads having a cup of tea in the station, before it spiralled completely.

Terrible decision for the government to appoint a dubliner commissioner for the first time cc @binkybarnes


So was Williams just forced out of Newstalk because he’s a terrible presenter then?


Would he not be due up tomorrow?




Tomorrow will have the Tusla file shenanigans and Williams’ role after that.


Is this why Williams has left Newstalk besides being shite?

I was sickening watching it last night and seeing the treatment dished out to McCabe, yeah he was a stickler for the rules as you would of the Garda Force, he didn’t deserve the treatment he got. What is shocking that not one Garda union, or group of Gardai have ever come out in support of McCabe. They all bascially turned their backs and left him swinging in the wind.


the AGSI have gotten away with this. its simply mindboggling that not once when their rep was on RTE that they weren’t challenged on this


Yeah a little bit. The wife aswell. We are told at the start when they were showing their wedding that she hates the limelight. Yet here she is with RTÉ in her house for a 2 part documentary. Not the actions of someone who doesn’t like the limelight imo.

Disgraceful what happened the man but hard not to feel that he brought an awful lot of this on himself. Callinan went a tad far in his retribution though for sure.


Would you support a colleague who was a snitch / grass ?

I don’t think many would to be fair Taz.