Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Yep I would like to think I would support someone who has called out wrong doing. Those cunts that turned up drunk at a suicide and then drove away deserved everything that got. McCabe was right to report those cunts.


Bang on.


Spot the poster with Garda rellys


And while we are on about the snitching he was correct to report the Penalty Points as well. What is the point in having Laws when people enforcing them only enforce them on some and not for others. Having Guards in one part of the country wipe penalty points that were got in another part just because they know the person is fucking wrong. If you want your penalty points wiped go to fucking court.

It the same with Drink driving, there should be no tolerance on it, like the Healy-Rae’s want, especially in this country when some people think they can drink a keg and it has no effect on them.


Huh ??

They were having a few jars when they got wind of the suicide. They risked their lives by getting into the car and attending the scene to investigate. All whilst off duty.

That’s fairly commendable


Pitiful attempt.


McCabe strikes me as a man of the utmost integrity. You only need to look at his big ears as a reflection on the amount of honesty in him. Yes I would support him for shining a light on the gross negligence he has witnessed in the gardai, negligence he witnessed time and again. Remember he tried to go down proper internal channels first and it was only when he was obstructed and then smeared that he took them on publicly to save his reputation and right a wrong, as that was the only avenue left open. I think he has done the public a great service and am surprised at you for taking contrarian opinions on this matter.


@The_Selfish_Giant and @Funtime forgave you when you grassed them up to the cops


I’m off to buy a board for sleeping on, I will over 6ft 6 in a couple of months



Never had you down as a law and order/establishment/Inm stooge, but I suppose there’s informers across the pretend Ira ranks, just like real life.


I was an innocent bystander mate.

@Funtime sung like a canary when questioned and stitched poor @The_Selfish_Giant up.

Over 5 hours I waited in Pearse Street Garda station for my good friends to be released…without charge I might add (did ye have to pay a fine lads ?)

Shortly after 6am, the 2 boys arrive at the front desk to go on their merry way. Funtime asked TSG what did he order from Burger King. TSG replied that he refused all offers of food from the Gardaí. Funtime said “eh yeah same here” as he wiped tomato ketchup from the side of his mouth.

We had an emotional reunion upon their release.

I wasn’t going home without my bessiers. Loyal to the end.


:astonished: @Funtime’s a tout


Was it @The_Selfish_Giant or @Funtime that snitched in Glasgow? Touts corner didn’t get its name for no reason.

@Funtime definitely snitched on @The_Selfish_Giant after they were arrested when we were at the WC in Germany.


still better than this


Thanks for the insight Paul. Did you leave Newstalk cos of the McCabe program or were you sacked for being shit at presenting radio shows?


Garda challenges findings of Disclosures tribunal

Aodhan O Faolain

November 13 2018, 12:01am, The Times

Garda Keith Harrison was criticised in interim reports by the Disclosures Tribunal, whose findings he is attempting to quash

Garda Keith Harrison was criticised in interim reports by the Disclosures Tribunal, whose findings he is attempting to quashLEAH FARRELL/ROLLINGNEWS



The garda Keith Harrison has launched a High Court challenge seeking to quash findings made against him in the Disclosures tribunal.

The Donegal-based garda, who was criticised in the tribunal’s interim reports, has brought the action over an alleged prior professional involvement between Mr Justice Peter Charleton, the tribunal’s chairman, and Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn, a witness.

The alleged prior engagement relates to when the chief superintendent was the garda liaison to the Morris tribunal, which considered allegations about gardaí in Donegal, in 2002-05 when Mr Justice Charleton was that tribunal’s senior counsel.

Solicitors for Mr Harrison have written to the tribunal seeking to have the findings about their client set aside.

The tribunal said in a reply that the steps sought on Mr Harrison’s behalf “were absurd and repugnant to the duty to the Oireachtas and the people of Ireland”.

The Disclosures tribunal was established to examine whether an orchestrated campaign was set up to smear Sergeant Maurice McCabe, a garda whistleblower. Mr Harrison is seeking an order from the High Court quashing findings made in the tribunal’s second and third interim reports relating to him.

He is also seeking court orders to prevent the further publication of the second interim report and relevant parts of the third interim report, and has asked that Mr Justice Charleton be precluded from dealing with any other matters relating to Mr Harrison in the tribunal.

He is also seeking a declaration that the judge has acted in breach of his rights to natural and constitutional justice and under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Permission to bring the action was granted, on an ex parte basis, by Mr Justice Seamus Noonan at yesterday’s sitting of the High Court. The judge said he was satisfied that arguable grounds had been raised. The case will return before the courts in two weeks’ time.

Seeking permission to bring the action, Mark Harty, SC, Harrison’s lawyer, said the Disclosures tribunal had rejected allegations made by Mr Harrison and his partner, Marissa Simms, and had exonerated others they made complaints about.



@thedancingbaby’s connections into the Gardai are really tarnishing his views here. It’s a pity @The_Selfish_Giant hasn’t been as quick to point this out as he would be if I posted an opinion on teachers.


He has garda connections?


Maurice having his Tony Bellew moment there interviewed straight after his father’s 90th after more than a few scoups.


Plenty of shots of lakes so far