Who wasn't bugging GSOC


This has been a major letdown, basically selling it as Callinan and the sheepish behaviour of the Gardai not to rock the boat.

Typical RTE/establishment cover up.


Pure bullshit so it is


They should have called it “Keeping Up With The McCabes”. It’s more like a reality TV show than an investigative documentary.


Someone in RTE clearly got a new drone and were determined to use it as often as possible


Callinan and Taylor are cunts but they are just the patsy in all of this.


According to TFKWiki he does or did have


Who is callinan the patsy for


The Government/Gardai/media.

Do you think the way O’Sullivan/Fitzgerald/Shatter have been partially absolved in the aftermath of their resignations is justified? They looked to be up to their necks in a cover up but all the talk has been of their vindications in the aftermath of the recent tribunal. The role of the journalists and RTE has been completely airbrushed. It’s disappointing.


McCabes missus will be on the chat show circuit now,
Daithi &Maura, podge &rodge, brendan ocarrolls round table, xpose

Really loves hersrlf


Generally a patsy is someone low down the food chain who takes the rap. Callinan was the highest ranking guard in the force and he was absolutely eviscerated by the tribunal


A patsy is someone who takes the fall. Callinan was the patsy here, guilty as sin and an utter cunt who got what he deserved so I have zero sympathy for him - but at the same time, government ministers and other top ranking Gardai were completely complicit in it and did absolutely nothing to aid McCabe and they seem to have pretty much got off with it.


Proof mate, you’d need proof.

The Head Honcho was meeting FF TD’s in car parks spreading false allegations ffs.


The proof was all there, you see in the North the whole time, there was a line to suppress it from the powers that be. The evidence was absolutely damning on Williams and he’s came out unharmed by the whole thing.


I think Callinan was more than a patsy. Sure didn’t he spearhead and orchestrate the smear campaign against McCabe? No government minister committed such a heinous act in this whole affair.


Taylor is a dangerously bad bastard too.


Would you rather have a pint with Taylor or McCabe?


Neither, 2 oddballs.


McCabe came across as the kind of guy that wouldnt have had many friends irrespective of the shocking treatment he was subjected to. Just came across as the the nerdy type is a bit too straight laced.



I wonder did he tip over to Moneygall for a few pints during his time in Templemore.


FFs sakes Johnny.