Who wasn't bugging GSOC


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Bizarrely, it appears so.


Never mentioned. Reynolds was referred to a couple of times but they didn’t focus on him to any great degree.


There’ll be lads fuming over that.


Could you imagine if McCabe was stationed in Malahide and he saw the knocking of the windows at 9.30 :astonished:


Is this some sort of sex act?


It’s not.

It’s where locals would knock on the window of Fowlers before official opening to alert staff that they are outside and would like a drink.

I’d imagine McCabe would have the pub closed down by now if he had been stationed in Malahide.

I sympathise greatly with what the McCabe family have gone through but let’s be honest here, he brought alot of this on himself. A bit of cop on, no pun intended, would have saved him and his family an awful lot of grief.

Let’s call a spade a spade here. The programme could easily have been called “Supergrass” as opposed to “Whistleblower”.


Jaysus, Malahide sounds like the Wild West, be careful guys :astonished:


A colleague of mine said before about Malahide that it was like dalkey with worse views and worse teeth


But government ministers and top ranking garda officials seem to fully aware of this smear campaign and were all happy to go along with it until such time as more and more of the details were publicised.

That makes them every bit as culpable for me.


Taylor was the only one who admitted his part and showed remorse. He is been discredited now as a lunatic so his assertions that all the key people like Noirin were fully aware and onboard with the smear campaign can be ignored.
As usual in Mick land there’s no shortage of fools who’ll swallow it and run with it.


It could also have been called The Gardai- A rotten, corrupt and incompetent shower of cunts.


It was the Maurice McCabe story mate so don’t see how your title makes any sense.

You’ve described Callinan well though


Fair enough. How about The Maurice McCabe story - How The Gardai who are a rotten, corrupt and incompetent shower of cunts ruined my life by falsely accusing me of being a paedophile.


Didnt a justice minister and a tainiste lose their roles over this?


Too long and inaccurate so couldn’t see it getting through. Needs to be short and catchy


Snakes from the city - how a decent country man is ruined by dubliners


It doesn’t seem to have damaged them at all. Nóirín left her job with a fat pension and was sorted out with another high ranking job. Fitzgerald is being lined up to a return to a ministerial job shortly and they were all up to their necks in it.


I don’t think that is necessarily the case with Taylor. My read on the tribunal report was that Taylor was chucked out of the Press Office and into traffic because He was caught briefing journalists (as far as I can remember he was briefing them about the Roma children). He then went off and made a load of protected disclosures about McCabe either out of spite to damage O’Sullivan or to protect his own back when his own carry on was found out or both.


He made the protected disclosures as soon as that legislation came in in an effort to save his own skin.