World Cup 2018 Betting Thread




I’m just adopting and applying your standards. You think its okay for players from the Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom to play for Eire. Typical of your double standards that you support German partition.


@cluaindiuic, how many goals are scored in the average World Cup?


I don’t support German partition. I’m pointing out that West Germany and East Germany were regions of Germany.


With a big fuck off wall between them and different governments.


Official FIFA site agrees with @GeoffreyBoycott



140-150 typically but there was an upturn in 2014 to 170. Champions League averages the last 4 years have also been in the 170 region.

Something like this is interesting:

Over 160.5 tournament goals, over 200.5 tournament yellow cards and over 10.5 tournament red cards (90mins&ET) 9/4 Will Hill


I was thinking that. I’ve gone for the degenerate jugular of over 200 goals and 200 cards at 50/1. And also the below.

Messi top scorer, De Bruyne most tournament assists, Neymar to win golden ball & Brazil WC winners (DH applies) @500/1



Argentina NOT to keep a clean sheet in all 3 group games. 6/1

Is that value?


over 2.5 goals in at least 3 games in each group - 13/1


Who’s in their group?






1918 and 1945 as well.


England’s record against Germany is actually excellent apart from the few lottery losses


Absolutely. Two huge asterix beside the only two German wins in 1970 and 2010 as well. Germany have never beaten England fairly in tournament soccer.


@Rocko, can you please remove the fuckwits?




West Germany, a region of Germany.


You’re a boring idiot