World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


Lads, seriously, fuck off somewhere else with this tiresome shit


If Messi gets top scorer he’ll get best player as well


Werner Top scorer and Deutschland uber alles 90-1


365 have that at 33/1. Where’d you get 90?


I’ve done a good bit more thInking about Serbia tonight and have come to the conclusion that they will get off to a great start with 3pts against Costa Rica. I’ve had a good bet on this at 10/11. In the meantime I think the Swiss will be on the back foot having lost their opening match to Brazil. Serbia and Switzerland meet in game two and Switzerland will be thinking they need 3pts there so they will come out on the attack, Serbia can sit back and counter attack them to take a lead and will likely get 3pts or at worse a draw to a late Switzerland equalizer.

In the last game Brazil will be through on six points and will rotate fellas, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Serbian side on 4pts or 6pts got another draw here or narrow defeat, all the while Switzerland fall behind to a Costa Rican side with nothing to play for but to attack and entertain their fans. Serbia are 5/4 to qualify but I think a better bet is Brazil to win the group with Serbia as runners up at 9/4. I’ve had a decent bet at that too.

To summarize:

Serbia 10/11 to beat Costa Rica
Brazil/Serbia group forecast 9/4


16 years.

In 2008, Spain hadn’t beaten any team of note at a major international tournament for a lot longer than that.

In 1998, it had been 12 years since France had beaten a team of note at a major finals.

Before 1988, it had been 10 years since Holland had beaten a team of note at a major finals and 8 years since they had even participated in a major finals.

Didn’t stop any of those teams winning those major competitions in those years though.


France, Argentina, Brazil and England to make up the semi-finalists is 400/1 (four hundred to one).

Should France and Brazil win their groups and progress they are on a semi-final collision course.

Should Argentina win their group they would be on a quarter-final collision course with the winner of the Spain/Portugal group.

If England finish second in their group, they would be on a quarter-final collision course with Germany.


They had greet players though. England have shit players.


England are doubtful to make it out of the weakest group.


Are you predicting England to win the World Cup there @Sidney?


Quarter-finals, mate. I think that’s the likeliest exit point for them but if the chips fall kindly for them they have the potential to reach a semi-final. The only two teams I’d write them off against are Brazil and France.

The main point is that the notion that a team cannot win a particular major tournament on the basis they haven’t beaten big teams at the business end of that major tournament for a decade or more is a load of old rot - new teams constantly emerge in sport.

That applies equally to England as it does to, say, Tyrone.


Spain… WTF are they at !
Morocco to win that group 14/1


Spain 7/1 on PP to be eliminated at group stage


I’ve just charged in on Uruguay to win the World Cup at 30.0 on Betfair, 28/1 in a few bookies. I was finding doubts in all the fancied teams at top of the market:

Brazil - Trashed 7-1 in last World Cup by Germany and now 4/1. No thanks. They’ve got Neymar as their star man who has just come back from a few months out injured. Coutinho is their other star but I don’t think he’d puck it out to Brazilian stars of the old days. A guy playing in China expected to start midfield.

Germany are 5/1 and are the only team I’d keep on side of the few at the top. They have the pedigree, they are reigning champions, they have great solidity with their manager who is there years and won the last World Cup with them. A negative might be that they haven’t brought sane who looks a star but I’d spin that into a posititive as obviously they want no egos there and feel confident they don’t need him.

Spain are 7/1. Just sacked their manager two days before their opening match. An aging squad in any event despite now being thrown into disarray.

France are 7/1 but there are doubts Dechamps is the man to get the best out of a talented bunch of players. He is starting Giroud up front FFS. I’ve a feeling all their egos will collide together and they will implode. Might not get out of their group.

Argentina 10/1. Totally reliant on their strikers and the midget Messi in particular. They have nothing outside of the forwards. Better supporting cast in previous World Cups haven’t been able to get them over the line, this particular group won’t do any better than previous versions.

Belgium 11/1. Way too short. If they were 33/1 maybe but no way can you back them at that price. They are windy and a Germany side would take care of them.

England 16/1. :laughing:

Which brings us to Uruguay. They have the best attacking duo in the competition in Suarez and Cavani. They have solid, dirty defenders in Godin and that other guy beside him who are first choice center halves pairing at Athletico Madrid. Godin is considered one of the best in the world in his position. The fact he knows the chap beside him so well from club level is a positive. Varela at right back is ex man utd. The goalie Muselara is galatasary. In midfield they have youth with a guy on the books at Real Madrid valverde but on loan last season at Deportivo. They have a guy playing well with juventus. They have a guy who can’t get in the midfield who Arsenal have just bought for 24 million. Their manager is at the helm 12 years or something and is a legend there. They have a pedigree having got to the semi finals of the last World Cup and having won two in their history. And the best part is they are in a piss poor group which they should top which contains Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They play Egypt first who are nothing without that chap at Liverpool. I think they are a good back to lay proposition. Back now at 30.0 and I’ll be surprised if they don’t trade at about 10/1 at some point, maybe less. I think they will give you a run for your money in a year with doubts about so many of the top sides.


You have me convinced. CHARGE!


Just done a nice Yankee there as well. I am well pumped up for this World Cup.

Group A Uruguay to win 8/11
Group B Portugal to win 2/1
Group C Denmark to win 9/2
Group E Serbia to qualify 11/8


An underdog has never won the World Cup


What do you classify as an underdog?


A Denmark/Greece style winner


Uruguay haven’t a fucking hope in hell but the price seems decent