World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


The normal Will Hill line is 230. Extra time counts. Not sure about double yellows. To me that index one is the winner. 10 reds last World Cup and that was a historically low figure. That’s 250 right away so then you need 215 yellows.


Every team has to get two cards in every game? Very unlikely. Stingy odds.


I read that as every team to get over 1.5 cards across the tournament…


Is that the exact wording on the site? Badly worded, very ambiguous.



You really need to brush up on your basic football facts. Its bad enough having @Cicero_Dandi trotting out false facts and blatant lies.


I’m utterly correct.

Euro 2000 is England’s sole victory over Germany in an international tournament.


Fewest yellow cards (team):
2014: 2 - Portugal
2010: 2 - North Korea
2006: 5 - USA, Saudi Arabia
2002: 2 - Nigeria


West Germany doesn’t count in '66 no? Aren’t you against partition


West Germany is a region of Germany.


My living room is part of my house but the partition divides from the dining room, which is also part of my house.


You’re comparing a house to a football team.


Jesus you are an almighty dope.


You’re the one comparing a house to a football team.


I am ya. You’re right. I’ll talk to you later. Lothar Matheus wants a cup of tea


The record against the Germans in tournament finals is England 2 wins (1966 World Cup Final & 2000 European Championships)

Three draws in the 1982 World Cup, 1990 World Cup semi final and 1996 European Championship semi finals

Two German wins in the 1970 World Cup Quarter Final and 2010 World Cup Round of 16. It should be noted though that there are major asterix over both of those German wins.

If you’re adopting a partitionist stance, it also works out 50/50 either side of German unification.


Yes, I’m against partition.


It’s offering under 2400 at evens on their site from what I can see under world cup ‘your odds’ section. I can’t find an option to bet over the line, only the under. Over should be the opposite of evens if it’s there which will be 8/11.


You seem to be confusing Germany and West Germany. Are you a bit slow?


I may have read it wrong . I’ll have a look later on