World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


Just you wait mate :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Winner winner…


Not at all mate. All the same to me really, just made the end of the group stages that bit more entertaining. Wouldn’t be a serious gambler so 100-1 is good enough for me!


Did you bet on Panama not to score or Panama no goalscorer for your cover bet? Seems to have been an own goal so the no goalscorer bet would still be alive which would be a lovely bonus. Well done any, lovely bit of punting.


Well done @Gman nice bit of pre tourno research through odds came up trumps


Bobby Martinez doing his best for England to score by bringing on Kompany for vermaelan


It was Panama to score no goals. I would assume any goal they get covers that, even if they didn’t technically score it. Potential bonus, but doubtful. @cluaindiuic called it earlier to go that way too in case of og but had already the money down




Early thoughts on the second round matches chaps?

I had a scan over the prices and I’m a bit stunned that Croatia are 10/11 to win in normal time versus Denmark. I think the Danes have been really moderate in this tournament and they’re starting a big lumbering oaf up front. This is worth a bet I think.

France are 11/8 to beat Argentina in regulation time, that’s interesting too.

England 6/5 to beat Colombia in regulation time looks a lay.


Croatia bet is nailed on.

Russia at 31/10 to qualify isn’t bad. Spain drew twice in group and not all well there. Another dose of vitamins for Russia


Sweden to make a WC semi? 5/1


Yeah stranger things have happened.


i had a great suprise in Boylesports in Confey (that’s in North Kildare) earlier
i was very busy last week but ran in there with the kids and threw 20 quid on croatia to beat argentina , grand it came in at 3/1
anyway- i go back in today to get the money as i had to buy a fan for the kitchen - yer one behind the counter gives me the eighty euro and then a 60 euro free bet as the crossbar had been hit in the game!
i was slightly stunned - now i was under pressure as i had to get to argos so i hummed and hawed a bit and then fucked the lot on croatia to win the world cup


Croatia 10/11 v Denmark Mick will they get the job done in regulation time do you think?


ill be backing england to beat colombia
they(colombia) were poor today again, you’re continually waiting for them to click and “get it right” but… meh
Harry Kane will shred yer man Sanchez from spurs at the back i have a feeling
now colombia’s key man is cuadrado and if for one second he is up against danny rose there could be carnage back there
england dont need creativity to beat colombia - they need to shut down cuadrado and try to stop the excellent quintero from playing, can they do that? i think they can - kane will do the rest


Croatia look really really solid
i wrote about them earlier saying i thought their win over argentina was unfairly attributed to how poor argentina were,
At the back Lovren , that blondy fella Vida from Besiktas and Vrslako look really good- they’ll handle any beast that is put them i think, in the middle Modric/Rakitic/Perisc/Brozovic is a creatitity personified
the antithesis to this is the enigma of Mazdzucic up top, a pure menace of a man but who can play a bit also- it almost gives them this added alure- youd expect a Falcao type character to be up there but then you have this thug who works like an ox…i look at them and think where do the goals come from but then i see 7 in 3 games ,
Look eriksen is liable to do anything but id be thinking 1-0 croatia is where itll fall


My man is Denmark is expecting the Croats won’t win too easily and warns me it is a no bet. He thinks the Danes are more suited to the underdog and playing defensive, also have enough about them to come forward if they’ve to chase an equalizer. It’s made me stop and think because I was steaming into Croatia otherwise. He is a very rational and un emotive chap.


What about this for a yankee @mickee321 @Spidey ?

Uruguay - Portugal draw 2/1
Spain - Russia draw 31/10
Sweden - Switzerland draw 19/10
France 11/8

Actually I’d rather do the three draws above in a nice little trixie


No matches till Saturday? Wtf? What are we supposed to do tomorrow evening like?


8 yellows. Lovely. Need about 4 a game to bring the bet home.