World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


I think Denmark are a good bet against Croatia. Haven’t conceded a goal from play, they’re dogged fuckers and while they didn’t get to rest players against France like Croatia did against Iceland, most of that game was played at walking pace so, in a rather un-Danish manner, it probably won’t have taxed them too much.

They have history at upsetting the applecart at this stage in the World Cup too - in 1998 they easily beat a Nigeria team who were flavour of the week and well fancied to progress after beating Spain and winning their group.

I also think Russia could have a surprise in store for Spain who have looked less impressive by the game - extra-time a good possibility here.


Eden Hazard - Top Scorer @50/1

Maybe this belongs in the degenerates.


@smark, your Uruguay should could be your best yet.

Only watching highlights now. That first goal was a thing of beauty.


Ah fuck me, the 2nd goal was better.

Cavani and Suarez. What a belter of a strikeforce


Doesn’t look good for cavani


5 odd days to recover. I’d say he’ll be grand


Slight hamstring strain according to journalist types on twitter.


Hope so. Some operator.


Ice on his calf though.


They are all wrong


If Cavani is out then what chances Uruguay had quickly go up in smoke.


Fancied it during the week but never pulled the trigger :tired_face:




Brazil minus 1 versus the Mexicans is max bet stuff @ 13/8


Small bet over 1.5 goals in extra time @ 5/1. If there’s one early the other team will be chasing and open hopefully


he was on the ball pal…
i just watched that back now on delay,

Croatia trundle on… with i hope a bad game out of their system


I think that game will do Croatia the world of good. They bust a gut to win it at the last, were given a right slap in the mouth by the extra time penalty save, modric looked out on his feet but still rallied and scored the second penalty when Schmeichel and Denmark looked like luck was on their side.
Victory from the jaws of defeat and all that.


yeah- fair fks to modric to step up again v Schmichel when the keeper was triumphant in that shootout and put a lucky enough spotter past him, for parts of that game denmark looked more likely but the lack of any finesse at all up front was an issue for them but there was a chance they would literally bundle one in there at end of the 90
Croatia didnt play well but i have a feeling this is how it is against Denmark for any side- you just have to dig it out. for denmark to get to spotters i think they had to play at almost 110% ability- and for that they deserve a lot of credit- their huddle before extra time was junior b gah esque and i really felt the croats didnt fancy another 30 at all , BUT , they got it done
it may just be falling into place for them with russia next, probable SF v England id imagine… i still think we’ll have a belgium croatia final
Lovren said in an interview earlier this week they belive they can win the thing- last night was a serious speed bump negotiated and anything may be possible now especially with spain out


Ah mate they were terrible in the second half. They sat back, generally ten men in their own half and decided to let Denmark have the ball. Denmark are a team who don’t even want the ball, they are a counter attacking outfit but Croatia looked utterly spent. The left full took such a roasting he faked an injury to get off the pitch. You couldn’t be backing these lads to win it outright. The Three Lions will make mincemeat of these in the semis if they are making hammer throwers like the Danes look like possession footballers. Tear up your docket.


I thought Croatia’s display against Argentina was vastly overrated. First half was two teams snidely fouling each other and then Caballero gifted them the opening goal after half time and Argentina collapsed. Croatia walked the last goal in after the entire Argentina team went forward for a corner at 0-2 and strolled back. They scored from two set pieces against Nigeria and had no other shots and their back ups were apparently shit against Iceland. They were also shit last night. That said, they’ve a right chance to get to the final.