World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


I wouldn’t overstate their performances in finals tournaments. The groups they got out of in 2014 and 2016 were very weak.

They are good at frustrating teams alright. I fancy the Serbs will have enough creativity to unlock them though, particularly if the Serbs go into that game three points ahead of them, which is very possible.


The schedule falls kindly for Serbia alright. Could potentially face Brazil resting players as well


I can’t see Germany failing to get out of their group, but looking towards the knockout stages, they don’t have much margin for error, as only qualifying in second place would almost certainly see them play Brazil in the last 16.

Argentina and France face a similar situation - one result could see them facing each other in the last 16 too.

I really like England’s draw in this regard - I don’t see them failing to qualify from the group, and there’s nothing particularly intimidating in Group H as regards the last 16. It’s quite possible England would be better off finishing second in their group.


england are potential winners


Colombia would beat England


I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think they’ll reach the quarter-finals, where they’d likely have to get a bit lucky with the draw to progress.

I think Southgate will create a better atmosphere than usual within the squad and that’s usually half the battle with England squads since around 2002. On a simple human level I expect he’ll relate much better to the players than Hodgson, Capello or Eriksson did. The press might give him an easier ride too - he’s well spoken, thoughtful and articulate and on the face of it a good representative for English football - the sort of type that the English public will find it very easy to get behind.

Couldn’t see them beating Brazil in a quarter-final though and if they win the group that’s how it should end up. They might have a squeak of a chance against Germany, which could happen if they finish second in the group.


Southgate is a fine individual allright
i think there are similarities with his and this side with Chris Coleman and Wales in 2016, they’re very well organided from what i have seen in friendly games ( and i watch a lot of them) and they have two very potent men up front who need to figure out how to play alongside each other a bit but that will come ,
Their banana skin is Tunisia, Panama are hatchet men basically and England will beat Belgium (i must watch all 120 minutes of that italia 90 game this week actually) …i think they will go far sid


They’ll beat Tunisia and Panama. What’ll probably undo them, as usual, is their lack of ability to control midfield against a top side.

If they could find a way to inject Premier League-style pace into their game, they would seriously trouble teams. That’s much harder to do at international level as teams don’t play together very much and find it harder to build up instinctive combinations. The draw at least gives them some chance to build up a head of steam.

I have a feeling Raheem Sterling could go really well in this tournament.


Tunisia will get a result against England and Belgian will beat them.


Two very handy wins for England in the group, minnows won’t trouble that team


England don’t have a good record in international football of late.


They were unbeaten in their group


It was a shit group.


They were before the last two tournaments as well


I don’t buy into the history stuff, different tournament, some different players etc etc.
I don’t see England having any trouble qualifying from their group, after that who knows


Their team is no better now than it was two or four years ago. They should qualify from the group of course though


What odds would you give me on them failing to get out of their group?


Uruguay 9/2 with Boyle’s to tech the semi finals. Piss easy group that they will top with 3 wins. They will beat a young portugal side in the last 16 and the way I worked it out they will be playing France or Croatia. Think they could beat Croatia by the odd goal and I don’t really rate France yet


I think cavani takes uruguays penalties, free kicks and is bang in form, I can see him doing damage, agreed about Uruguay going deep in the tournament, they’ve gone about their business quietly, certainly a dark horse


That looks interesting. William hill as well