World Cup 2018 Betting Thread




Which Belgian?




Do you wanna tell him or will I?


Are Portugal not one of the oldest teams in the tournament?

Whatever happened to Renato Sanches?


Tunisia are the youngest/ Panama the oldest
i dont think portugal will get out of the group- in fact i dont think they will win a game




Me neither. Morocco have history against them too - they thumped them in 1986. Portugal have been serial underachievers in World Cups bar one semi-final in 2006, when they still only scored one goal in three knock-out games.

Like the Swiss, the fixtures don’t favour them - I think Spain will beat them in the opening game.

Morocco were desperately unlucky in their last finals in 1998 when they should have gone through only for Brazil not bothering their arse against Norway.

Traditionally they play a lovely style of football.


They finished bottom of their group on the last World Cup and were knocked out by Iceland in the last Euros in a team backboned by Spuds bottlers.


You said recent record, not 4 years ago. More spoofing from you again, bullshitter.


Portugal have a better team than previos competitions. The likes of Martins, Bernardo Silva and Andre Silva will help ease the burden on Ronaldo this time around.

Spain could go out too. I think some of the selections by the Spanish manager are strange. I’m sure they have better attacking options than the likes of Vazquez and Aspas.


That’s a recent record in international football. There are two tournaments every 4 years.


Stop bluffing.


They are facts. I’m not surprised you find them hard to comprehend.


You’ve been caught bluffing and bullshitting again. Put the shovel away and move on.


I’m not gone on either Portugal.or Spain.

Spain do have a very solid look at the back and an outstanding goalkeeper, but I’m not sold on them from midfield up. I think they’ll still rely on Iniesta a lot and he’ll find it difficult in a tournament environment at his age.

What they do have in their favour is the best attacking full backs in the tournament.

But I don’t think they’ll win the tournament.


David Silva is magic and can win games on his own.


I’ve presented facts so it’s not bluster. Little Englanders like you don’t like being reminded that England are a laughing stock in football.


I wouldn’t be too sure of them at the back at all.


He’s ancient and doesn’t have the legs. I think he’s very overrated and only for Pep he would be finished.