World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


I could not give 2 fucks about them.

You’ve been caught telling porkies again and are now desperately trying to move the goalposts.

Stop bluffing and bullshitting please, you are embarrassing yourself.


I’ve presented facts that you seem unable to comprehend. It’s because you’re a little Englander.


he’s 32, has 35 goals for Spain, a world cup won, 2 european Championships

just off the back of his best ever season in the Premier League, while dealing with a horrific family situation.


I think he is criminally underrated


You’ve been caught bullshitting yet again. Stop bluffing pal, we can see through you.


I’ve presented facts. You think facts = Bullshit, a bizarre outlook.


You’ve been clamped again with your bullshit. Stop bluffing mate.


Facts are not bullshit. You are nonsensical and hysterical.


I wouldn’t consider anything more than two years old recent in football terms. Saying a team unbeaten in two years doesn’t have a good recent record isn’t being factual


You’ve been caught bluffing, put the shovel away.


But this isn’t qualifying, this is proper tournament football and England’s recent record is extremely poor.


I’ve stated facts. You’re the one contending facts.


you wrote off the germans “recent record” last night saying you were laying them to come out of the group

You are full of shit and only use “facts” if they support your narrative.

An utter, utter fuckwit


You’ve been caught bluffing and are now desperately trying to move the goalposts.

Embarrassing from you yet again.


That’s him in a nutshell.

He’s a total spoofer.


I said their recent firm is not good and I think there is value in them not getting out of their group.

Germany is a form issue in a tricky group.

England is a quality issue in a fairly weak group.


I’ve stated facts. You’re contending them. You’re not making much sense.


but sure according to you their recent form is they are world champions… make up your mind to fuck .


The so-called facts you stated were bullshit.


No I’m saying England consistently do shit at tournaments. German’s recent form is poor and there is discord in the camp.