World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


Tunisia 9/1 v England
Tunisia 9/1 v Belgium

€10 on each looks a decent bet to me.


Aspas has been class this season and Vazquez gives them width which they lack, kind of a Jesus Navas type option that they used to have


They had the exact same record before the last two tournaments. Qualifying and friendlies are irrelevant to the tournament itself


David Silva surely does not have 35 goals for Spain?

Edit: Seems like he does, great record for a player like him


Previous tournaments are more irrelevant to be fair


You could be right. Someone told me that. Should’ve checked it myself maybe. Still don’t fancy them though :joy::joy:


Not really. Previous tournaments have been more relevant to England’s performances than the qualifying campaign in most of their Euros and World Cups in recent years


That’s just bullshit but you know that, previous teams have no relevance, if England were to produce the players then what came before means nothing


Their squad is similar enough to how it was last time. Its very relevant. Qualifiers against minnows are irrelevant as proven before


Are we still talking about coming out of the group here? I’m lost.
They fucked up last time, they all played under par, I don’t expect them to be as poor,

I just don’t buy the history shit, there’s lads would have you believe that shit from 1990 or 2002 has a bearing on how they’ll perform.
I expect them to make the last 8 at which stage they’ll probably face Germany or Brazil, I’d give them a fighting chance against either but it’ll probably be the end.


When is the last time they beat a top nation in international football?

Euro 96?


All of that is fine, I think Colombia would knock them out if they met in the second round personally but that’s just my view. I stand by my opinion that performances in Euro 2016 are more relevant for this England team than friendlies and qualifying games where they have got good results for years and not carried them through to the tournament


England generally get very handy qualifying groups.


They beat Argentina in the group of 2002. Owen dived and won them a penalty.


So it’s 14 years since they have beaten anyone of note in international football and when they did it, it was a dive.


If England had a repeat of 2002, where they get a win against decent opposition in the group through blatant cheating, and then get completely outclassed by the Brazilians, but fortunately only lose by one goal because of a joke of a sending off against the Brazilians, then they would be absolutely delighted with themselves.


It might give @GeoffreyBoycott another opportunity to laud failure.


What are the Italy national team doing for the next month? You still bigging up their elimination by lowly Sweden.


Nope, it’s devastating.

I’ll take the highs with the lows.

It’s 14 years since England have beaten anyone of note at a major international tournament.

In that time we’ve won a World Cup, reached a European Championship final and beaten Germany (twice), France (twice) and Spain at major tournaments. I’d also mention the fact we’ve beaten England twice in that time at major tournaments but I consider them cannon fodder.


England would have a better chance against Germany than Brazil in a quarter final. When it really matters and England set their minds to it, they have a good record against the Germans.