World Cup 2018 Betting Thread


England are shit though, they haven’t threatened at a major tournament in yonks.


They have also only ever beaten Germany in an international tournament once.



You mean like they’ve beaten them in an important game once, whereas they’ve never beaten Brazil in an important game ever?


Lad, discussion on betting please FFS sake. Take your pointless shite elsewhere


Did my traditional World Cup bet.
Best available is Boyles. Over 225 Yellows. 10/11

That overs total would be a winner in 3 of the last 4 world cups. Would also win based on the rate of cards awarded in the last two years of Champions League. The last World Cup being the loser where there was a really strange leniency applied to cards. Possible it happens again but the entertainment gained from watching cards result from dives, feigning injury, kicking the ball away, time wasting etc… is worth the entry fee. Winning is a bonus.


Incorrect. Why do you insist on lying and pedalling untruths when you take me on in a debate?

Why can’t you be honest to the forum when presenting the facts?


Do you see any other bookie offering this market at same or similar level? Can’t get on with boyles but would like to place this bet too.


Sky bet. 220 but with slightly different bookie favourable rules. Will Hill have a worse number. B365 do a three band job which I hate.


There’s also VAR rules that work in favour of this bet. Allowing refs to go back and book people caught doing things on camera but missed by ref crew.


William Hill have over 2400 booking points (90 minutes play only) @ Evens

Yellow = 10
Red = 25
Two Yellows = 35


How matches in total?




I like that one. Might be the best of them. I had to go with Boyles one because I had to manually lodge cash to avoid the notice of banks. In the process of switching mortgage. I don’t think Powers or Ladbrokes have a market. Oddschecker has been shite for this too.


fair play, burnt on that before


Do I gamble? Oh god no, maybe a fiver on the grand national but that’s my limit.



@cluaindiuic, does your bet include extra time? Or 90 mins only?


90 only. But a player getting two yellows counts as two. Sky bet only counts as one. I’d have a look at the Will Hill one @Copper_pipe threw up.


FWIW line on 365 is 235


The terms on Sky are sneaky enough

You’re betting on: whether the total number of yellow cards awarded at the World Cup is higher/lower than the stated amount. For purposes of this market when a player is awarded 2 yellow cards it will only be counted as 1 and only cards. Only Yellow cards awarded to active players during 90 mins will count.


What do ye think of this on Hills?

Over 3.5 corners in every world cup game & each team to receive over 1.5 cards @ 9/2