World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


???Your a strange man…


Epl faldo seething


Capello laying into the brits here


He’s another rattled Little Englander.


I’m just chuffed that the English were shown up after finally meeting a half decent side. Nothing strange in that.


Apres Match is beyond brutal .


Its glorious

Well done today on some remarkable vision


Thanks, mate.

It’s been a day of multiple vindications.


The very first decent team England came up against … the first test … they were played off the park. They cant keep the ball at all and I dont know what lads were looking at here for the last 2 weeks but I knew as soon as they came up against a moderate to good football team they would be undone. Croatia started very leggy but once they got going it was boys against men. England got every break going and had a great tournament but they are a bag of shite and it wold have been a piss poor final with them in it.

Stones, Ali, Henderson, Walker, Sterling, Rashford, Lingard, Dier are all frauds … Pickford, MaGuire and Trippier had decent tournaments…


Stones brutal for the winner there.


Switched off like an immersion in a 1980s Irish house.



Southgate interview on BBC last night foretold this surrender. He should have buried Croatia in first half.


Nev says that the English need to slow down in their mind. Make what you want of that


6 different European teams have now contested the last four World Cup finals. A glorious era for European football.


Incredible strength in depth of European association football shown by that statistic.

The people’s game.


That says more about how shit England were up front.


Walker was good.

But jesus the midfield was shit all though the tournament and got even worse whenever Dier came on.
Perhaps they have a few decent midfielders in the youth sides?


Pickford lumping it up.was the main tactic


Seeing about what.i couldn’t be happier.the croats having a tough game ,extra time facing a French team i’ve back at 13/2.England out.couldnt get much better