World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


Very disappointed I didn’t get to see this. England benefitted from enormous luck in many different ways and would have been one of the worst teams to get to a World Cup Final. As I flagged months ago Kane is a flat track bully. Delighted for Croatia


Kane will finish top scorer but was nowhere to be seen when the chips were down.

England are bang average and were fortunate to reach the semi final by way of a nice draw. If they had a bit more cojones they’d have finished off Croatia in the first half and be in a final.


Did Harry Maguire sign for Real Madrid yet?


It’s the worst golden boot winner in the history of any football competition. 3 penalties, two headers from a few yards and a complete fluke


Fair play to Croatia. They turned it around big time after half-time and always looked by far the more likely winner once they equalised. They seemed to last the pace better too, which was surprising for a team which went to extra-time in their previous two games - very reminiscent of Bobby Robson’s England in 1990 in that regard, actually.

The limitations of England’s squad were shown up badly with the subs, none of whom made any impact. I would have left Sterling on - Rashford was out of his depth, he has a brutal first touch, and I’ve no idea what he was at with those no run-up, no pace floated free kicks in extra-time. England were never going to get anything off them.

Modric must be a shoo-in for Player Of The Tournament and World Footballer Of The Year.


A lot of pretend Englanders shown up here bigging up a glorified pub team.


Keane giving them nothing on ITV


Keano in flying form on ITV


Hilarious tv


How anyone thought they would win it is beyond me… bizarre mental bastards.


The team with the tradition of getting to a semi final in the fairly recent past won the day

Agree re. Modric


You cant spell Croatia without ra.


Given his wonderful success at management and his temperament at World Cups his views merit a listen .


“These players have never even won a trophy and you think their first will be a world cup?”

“You were planning the parade”


Giving going through them like Alf Inge Haaland.



France v Croatia
1 19/20
X 9/4
2 7/2


“you’re a grown man”


They’d be very much in the Sean Russell tradition as opposed to be the lefitist Republican tradition.


Keane would know a lot about playing in a World Cup semi final. He bottled out of playing in 2002, a tournament Eire soccer types would have you believe they would have reached a semi final or final in if he togged out.