World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


Croatia with a smaller population than us…


You’d never use this sort of conjecture of course Geoff? :laughing:


Lots of England players have won major trophies.

What major trophies had Maradona won before he dominated the 1986 World Cup?

I imagine every country in the World Cup semi-finals had a parade planned. It would be pretty foolish for health and safety reasons alone not to have had.


@GeoffreyBoycott lashing out at the Irish now. There there Geoff. It’ll ease in time.


Very sensible sid. The word “imagine” seems slightly incongruous though


makes no sense to come onto a French/croatian/gridiron forum to lash out at the Oirish


I’m sure you could write a very informative letter to ITV explaining those points if it makes you feel better.


The English soccer team haven’t had winners and leaders like Laurence Dellaglio and Martin Johnson for a generation now .


Was the 2005 ashes the last great national sporting parade in London ??



Imagine there was no parade planned
That they didn’t even try
No stage, no bus there
And no cameras for Sky
Imagine all the people
A million on the day
I don’t care what Roy Keane has said
And I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
At a World Cup that England won


I don’t generally write letters in response to idiotic non-points by people who chickened out of playing in a World Cup.


You strike me as the type of chap who wouldn’t waste his time penning pointless drivel alright.


Do ITV have a mail bag show like that one presented by @Fagan_ODowd


Thats an ooooft in fairness from the gaffer


You unfortunately have proved yourself to be the type of chap who writes pointless drivel in support of pointless waffle.

Well done, honey.


You should have a thread dedicated to this sort of thing. It’s really quite remarkable


Go to bed Sid, the England fanboy gig is up.


He didn’t chicken out of the 1994 World Cup mate.


Maybe Eire might have done better had he played against Holland?


Huh? He played at the 1994 World Cup Finals, his manager excluded him from the 2002 squad.
I don’t believe he chickened out of anything pal.