World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


He played at the 1994 World Cup finals but he didn’t play against Holland.

He walked out on his team before the 2002 World Cup because he was a fucking idiot.

The team played to the limit of its performance without him, superbly coached by a real Irish football hero.

The notion of Keane having a go at a team who reached a World Cup semi-final unexpectedly is utterly hilarious - they achieved things at this World Cup he never even came close to.

Bitterness is always ugly and Keane will always be consumed by it because he knows he was wrong, regrets it, and is too pig headed to ever admit he was wrong or regrets what he did. He’s still in denial after 16 years.



Mate, he was in the line up for the match against Holland and played the full match.
He was sent home by the Irish manager in 2002.


Lo and behold, I’ve just checked the Wikipedia page for the 1994 World Cup and it turns out he was.

Strange, because I don’t remember him featuring at all - Wim Jonk could have set up a rival to Disneyworld in Orlando’s Citrus Bowl with all the space he had in midfield that day.

Incorrect. He walked out. You must have come from a De Valera family because I can’t think of any other reason you’d have a vested interest in defending a chicken shit.


Where u getting the he didn’t play against Holland in 94 from? I can remember him playing that game


You mean all these years you’ve just been cut and pasting from Wikipedia? Say it ain’t so Sidney.


It seems a little far-fetched to remember this so well and also remember Keane not playing.


Highlights of tonight’s semi-final on RTE2 for anyone who went for a run after the game and are just back and showered.


And that’s not even accurate. We actually had lots of possession that day and were undone by overmars on the break for the most part


How so, mate?


@Sidney exposed as a hapless wannabe Englander spoofer again.

Ireland would not have qualified for the world cups of 1994 and 2002 but for Roy Keane, one of the three greatest players to don green shirts along with George Best and Skippy Brady.
Mick McCarthy was a pig ignorant Yorkshireman, a shit player and an even shittier manager. No manager worth his salt would get into a shouting match with any player in front of his squad, let alone his key player.


The notion of you having a go at Keane having a go at a team who reached a World Cup semi-final unexpectedly is utterly hilarious - he achieved things in his career, you never even came close.


Roy Keane did sod all during the 1994 World Cup qualifiers.

He was destroyed against Spain at Lansdowne Road and was bested by Jim Magilton against Ireland at Windsor Park.

It wouldn’t be the last time - Magilton was far a better manager of Ipswich Town than Keane was, as was Mick McCarthy.


Its Chippy mate




Brutally succinct quote from Šime Vrsaljko "The all-round perception was that this is a new-look England who have changed their ways of punting long balls upfield but when we pressed them it turned out that they haven’t. "


Luka Modric post-match:

“English journalists, pundits from television, they underestimated Croatia tonight and that was a huge mistake. All these words from them we take, we were reading and we were saying ‘ok, today we will see who will be tired’”


You’re right - I’ve never walked out on an Eire squad at a World Cup.


I’m afraid your memory of that era has already been shown to be totally unreliable mate, do you want to check wiki for stats on those matches before you comment on them again.


I was at the Spain game at Lansdowne Road as well as the other home qualifiers and I remember them all just fine, thanks.