World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


Thunderous words from the little giant.


Kallinic isn’t feeling too smart right about now


Aw gawwwwdddd!


You’ll remember then that a disastrous display from Alan Kernaghan and a change in formation did for Ireland in that Spain match. No comment of course on his displays in the draws away in Seville and Copenhagen. Sorry mate, I just can’t trust your memory of that era.




Keane went awol against the Netherlands in 1994 as soon as it was down to the serious business of the knock out stages.


Kernaghan got the run around from Julio Salinas but the root of Eire’s problems lay in the middle of the park.

Kernaghan might not have been so exposed had Salinas not been able to run through free as a birdie with no midfield protection whatsoever.

Keane was nowhere to be seen.

Andy Townsend was the man that dominated midfield in Copenhagen and Seville, and he didn’t play against Spain at Lansdowne. Keane was supposed to step up in his absence, but didn’t.


You’re thinking of Steve Staunton and Packie Bonner I’m.afraid jeff.


Croatia were very fresh for a side packed with so many players over 30 and playing their third bout of extra time in 10 days in that heat and humidity. England despite having a much younger age profile looked out on their feet and knackered after an hour.


Corluka is asked to stop for English press, smiles and just says: “It’s not coming home!” Keeps walking


Croatia held onto the ball and passed it around. England and their kick rush style means a hell of a lot more running.


The Irish played 5 in midfield that day Staunton, McGrath, Houghton, Whelan and 22 year old Roy Keane. And Roy Keane was to blame :rofl::rofl:


:rofl: several additions to that post as the trawl through wiki continues, stop spoofing bud.


Lads, this was just so sweet.

The build up, the demented hope of the cunts.




Rashford taking the last Free Kick. Christ above, he just lobbed it in there. No pace to attack it.


As the supposed “leader” of the midfield, yes, absolutely he was to blame.

Only John Sheridan, on as a sub, saved anything of value on the day for Eire in the form of what proved to be a priceless goal.


Interesting argument here re Keane . The issue here is that mass media and the general populace tend to get carried away by nations success this is probably particularly the case on these islands .

By and large the vast majority of season ticket buying fans of clubs will put their club ahead of country . The WC is great for the casual fan .


I was at that game. Were you?


He wasn’t the leader of the midfield you lunatic, the other 4 were far more senior. Paul McGrath got an absolute chasing that day.