World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


Yes, it was a midweek afternoon kick-off and I had a nice few pints for myself after it.


I’m not sure how exactly that is an issue. Any follower of a team who doesn’t get very excited when their team reaches a World Cup semi-final should probably see a doctor and get Prozac prescribed for them.

The whole point of football, sport and especially the World Cup, is that followers get carried away with optimism and wide-eyed hope which, usually, is ultimately disappointed, it would be pretty pointless following it otherwise.


It sounds very much like you had a nice few pints before it because you clearly haven’t a notion of what happened.


This is a World Cup semi final thread. Not the place to be discussing the performance of some obscure Eire player in a qualifying match 25 years ago.


Let’s discuss shitting togs again so if you want. Does it sting, mate?


I know what you’re thinking Geoff, the Croats were juiced, no!! the reason the English looked knackered was stress from all the hype about football coming home , the English are caught in a black hole of expectation, its quite sad really!


That and dicky tummies.


Corluka is asked to stop for English press, smiles and just says: “It’s not coming home!” Keeps walking


Whatever about Keane in ninety whatever, he played a blinder tonight. Telling Wright he should know better because he was a “grown man”. And he was being gentle. You could sense neville’s nervousness and his growing awareness that he’s talking shite


Just 6 of the 45 in the World Cup final.

Not the best league in the world.


Fuck knows what Keane made of Peru with their 50,000 travelling fans and the country in a state of euphoria at qualifying, only for them to be eliminated after two games without scoring a goal.

I didn’t hear his reaction to Peru’s quick exit, but presumably it would have been every bit as miserable and scathing about their team and support as one expects.


I must confess that I hadn’t thought of that. (I wish there was a head scratching emoji)


He’d been an International footballer for 9 years at that stage anyway, had won an u-19 World Cup as player of the tournament, had won leagues in Argentina and was a massive world star by the 1986 World Cup.


There’s nothing head scratching about it.

Keane is a rent a quote gobshite. He spent years criticising pundits for taking easy money and talking nonsense, now he’s the very epitome of what he used to rail against - a failed manager and now a glorified mascot for a manager who is allergic to attacking or any sort of attractive football, and now a pundit picking up easy money for talking nonsense.

His problem appears to be with any sort of expectations or thoughts that a team might actually do well.

Strange that, given he stormed off the pitch in Amsterdam because he was angry that Eire had only drawn with Holland, one of the best teams in Europe.

Didn’t he say that Eire could win the 2002 World Cup? If any man should know about being all talk, it’s him. The only time he walked the walk at a World Cup was when he walked out on his team mates.


He was good craic this evening though


Walker, Stones, Young, Sterling and Vardy have won the Premier League. Rashford and Lingard have won FA Cups, a League Cup and a Europa League. Cahill who was in the squad has won a Champions League.

Do these count as trophies or is he just talking shite?


So 5 of the starting 11 so?
It’s clear to anyone that there are no leaders in that squad at the moment, that’s not too say that some may be in 4 years time. Doubtful though if you are relying on the likes of Henderson to anchor an international midfield.


I asked do these count as trophies?

England aren’t overflowing with Champions League winners, but neither are France, who have just one, and Croatia, who have two. Belgium had none.

If you want to make the point that England had a lack of control in midfield and didn’t have the leadership to take hold of the game in the second half or extra-time, that’s fine, but that wasn’t the point that was being discussed.

What was being discussed was a cheap soundbyte that isn’t even accurate.


It was lack of midfield quality that let us down. Harry Winks and the Ox would have some difference there tonight.


It’ll be interesting to see if Jack Grealish can progress if he gets a Premier League move after Aston Villa’s financial difficulties. You’d have to think he’s still a distance away from this level currently but he has the skill to make it at a much higher level if he gets the right move and is dedicated and professional enough.