World Cup Semi Finals 🏆


It would be great for the likes of @labane1917 to have two England players of Galway stock to get behind in the next World Cup.


Thanks but we already have our own Jack Grealish.


Just so you know Croatia have 4 champions league winners in their squad, modric, manzukic, rakitic and kovacic


A country, less than 20 years old, and with a population of just 4.1 million, sent an Empire packing last night. Beating them is one thing, but the manner in which they did it is what should irk English fans. England with their EPL - best league in the world - cant pass the ball.

Their so called big names were a joke and the two lads I had never heard of, MaGuire + Trippier, were decent. But Southgate will get all kinds of plaudits for reaching a semi final which will be the biggest disaster of all for England as he’s a clueless cunt. He stood there looking at his team being played off the park for the last 30 mins of normal time and didnt know what to do, so he did nothing. All Croatia did was push up on them and pushed their full backs on and England’s ‘system’ fell apart.

They badly need to reach out to Eamonn Cregan to sort their academy system out.


First 3 substitutions were like for like (not in a racist way).

Rashford for Sterling after around 65 minutes.

Rose for Young at the start of extra time.

Dier for Henderson at 1-1 in extra time.

As you say Bob, he didn’t change the formation or shape of the team between half time and Croatia going 2-1 up. Croatia wrestled control of the game during that spell and England didn’t react at all.

Used the 4th sub after the goal as a desperation measure - Vardy for Walker - but the damage was done.

That said, if Harry Kane had scored that one v one before half time, or the rebound from 2 yards out, England would probably be in the final. The flag went up at the end of the phase of play for offside in line with the pre tournament instructions, but that would have been allowed after VAR.



Let’s not forget that Croatia were denied a stone waller right on half time and it was the best thing to happen them - they came out second half knowing they were up against 12 men and came out with a siege mentality.

Rumours doing the rounds that the Croatians did it in memory of the Irish men and women who fought for Croatia - especially for the Irish Brave Heart, Thomas Crowley.


If you don’t have the players then tactics and formation only get you so far. England’s midfield went missing at the start of the second half. Defenders hit it long because the midfielders didn’t make themselves available for a pass. The Croatian left back was limited but made himself available all night and wasn’t afraid to have a go. Ran himself in to the ground and will likely miss the final. Nothing to do with ability, it’s to do with character. Croatia had it all over the pitch, England’s midfield didn’t. Impressed with the English defence especially Maguire and Stones. They deserved better than what they had in front of them.


The amount of small-timery gloating on facebook this morning is embarrassing. We really are a very little people.


I think England were set up to play to their strengths in the first half but once Croatia got a hold in midfield and pushed up on the wingbacks it was game over.

Southgate didn’t have a player that could dictate play in the opposition half so he probably made the best of what he had realistically.


A bit of ribbing is fine but some of the try hard attempts at memes, photoshops and clips are brutal. Everyone wants to go VIRAL.


Yeah they seemed strong enough every where but were bereft of talent in midfield. Even Wilshere would have given them something slightly better.

To think of all the bullshit spouted about Alli previously and how he could be the best ever England player is hilarious now.


Alli’s first half last night was good but he was a passenger otherwise. I’m not sure of his best position. He seems more of an advanced midfielder who gets on the end of things rather than someone capable of building the play. He disappeared when Croatia pressed England and wasn’t able to reassert himself and help England retake control of midfield when forced deeper. I thought Loftus-Cheek should have been used more in the tournament.


True. I find it hard to understand the inability of professional footballers to move into space to receive a pass. Allowing an opposition player with his back to you to stand between you and a colleague with the ball is cowardly.


Alli seems to be more in the Lampard/Gerrard ilk at this stage. Good at surging forward and getting onto the end of moves but doesn’t give you any control over the play.

Edit - I’m repeating @Bandage’s astute comments essentially


The Ox would have won em the WC.

Not bringing the sublime Jon-Jo Shelvey looks to have back fired now.

In all seriousness, Henderson is not a holding midfielder - they would have been better off with a true bulldog like Mark Noble in there nipping at Croat ankles. Henderson is limited but he will run all day - he would have been better served pressing high and turning it over like he does for Liverpool. James Milner the same… That would have been playing to their real strengths. But Southgate had these stupid 3-5-1-1(2) notions with stupid selections throughout. Lingard/Young in particular should be no where near that team.


What is he then, just a tackler? Yeah I can’t understand their reluctance to play Noble either.


The Ox was a big loss but losing Harry Winks was the real hammer blow.


He’s your typical huff and puff full of gusto honest as the day is long English player. He will work his hole off but doesnt have the tactical nous or technical abilities to sit and control midfield. Like I said, if you’re to use him i’d push him on turning the ball over further up the park.


He’s a willing runner, but I don’t really remember him breaking up the Croatian play a whole lot, if he pushed further forward I suspect he would have been chasing shadows and England would have been opened up through the middle.