World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


Ha ha ha ha,post of the year.


This match is certainly living up to the hype so far.

World class standard.


Geert off the mark at the start of set 2 and that’ll settle the nerves of the big Belgian contingent at the Home of Darts.


Geert is really nailing his favourite single 1.


Geert is like US politics, he keeps on drifting to the right.


133 outshot.

That’s the REAL Geert de Vos.


This de Vos lad is some man to hit the 1s


Poor Jacky. He’s in the depths of despair down there.


Geert de Vos is shit at darts.


I’ve just put 50 quid on Geert to win at 12/1 in-running.


Geert knocks a dart into the 1 bed in at least 2 out 3 visits


I’ve never seen the pressure of the Lakeside stage demonstrated in such brutal fashion.

But all credit to Richard - he was remorseless.


:rofl: The kids are better than the “pros”


You’d see better down the fox and hounds


Mad that Geert de Vos can only get an average of 77 at Lakeside when he can hit a 115.48 average on a pdc board.

What a demonstration of the pressure of the greatest tournament in world darts.


Geert and Belgian darts fanatic Jacky will be back next year.


Jacky will be back tomorrow, @Bandage - Andy Baetens now carries the whole of Belgium on his shoulders as the country thirsts for a major sporting title this year.


Lovely feature about the great Olly Croft in today’s Gazzetta Dello Sport. “Il Padre Delle Freccette” or “The Father Of Darts”. James Richardson translated the main points on this morning’s Gazzetta Freccette Bretagna.

James also perused the headlines in the Belgian sports press as the post-mortem about Geert de Vos’s performance last night continues (the great Erik Clarys was particularly scathing in his criticism of Geert in his column) and they look ahead to Andy Baetens’ quarter-final today.

Another excellent al fresco show.


The Waites and Durrant matches are this afternoon :angry:


De vos now rumoured to have taken a dive so he can join the pdc. The plot thickens.