World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


You were correct about Danny Noppert making the decision to turn pro.


Absorbing quarter-final between Andy Baetens and Scott Waites.

Andy 4-2 up and just two legs away from victory.

Proper darts.




Key break for Scotty to go 2-1 up in legs in set 7.

Never, ever write off Scotty Waites.


But Andy breaks back!

Throwing for the match now!


Come on Scotty!


What a leg this is.

Scotty fighting like a warrior.

He hits double 4!

Andy missed two match darts!

Baetens 4
Waites 3


Ah lovely.


1-0 Waites with throw in set 8.

This is some match.

Baetens was 4-1 up.

Scotty has fought his way back rather than Andy easing up.


Scotty utilising all his experience now.

2-0 in set 8.

Should be a whitewash here…it is!

Baetens 4 Waites 4

A true Lakeside classic.




Waites is brilliant.

He has the ability to up it when needed.


This Belgian guy is really shit, how the fuck did Waites lose 4 sets to this clown?


Final set, GAME ON.

Andy throwing first.

Scotty breaks!

This match is reminding me of that classic semi-final between Bobby George and Magnus Caris in 1994.


Andy breaks back!

Some drama.

1-1 final set.




Andy holds!

Scotty couldn’t finish after a 180 looked to have gained the upper hand…


Scotty in huge trouble in this leg…


Three darts at d10 for Andy for the match…three on the wire!!!


Scotty hits double 16!!!

This is incredible.