World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


The Belgian lad couldn’t hit a double to save his life, woeful stuff.


Scotty turning the screw with his 14th 180.


Unreal. 11 darter to break.

3-2 Scotty.


Scotty wins!

Poor Andy. He’s in tears. The poor lad.




Waites and Durant is going to be something else.

The time to get Scotty is early - he gets better as it goes on.


Sounded unreal


The rankings may say otherwise, but for me they’re the two best players in the world.


Waites will beat him.

He has the sniff of a title now.


It annoys the fuck out of me that I didn’t get to see that match but had that been the PDC it would be placed at a time for maximum viewership, and hyped with flashing images to within an inch of its life.

But no, the BDO decide to put it on at Friday lunchtime in the unassuming manner that darts has at its core.


Poor Danny just couldn’t hack it in the professional game


Trina v Ana is the first women’s semi-final up today with Deta v Lisa tonight.

I can tell you now that Ana and Lisa to win pays almost even money and is FREE MONEY.


Gulliver’s journey in this tournament has been Swiftly ended by Ana on a 2-0 scoreline.

The ladies’ title will surely be going to Russia this year, or, should I say, Ellesmere Port, where she’s been living for over a decade.


Still with Tony Martin?


Sure is.

He was giving it socks in the audience.


Jim Williams has taken the opening set against Duzza.

Jim beat the world champion at Zuiderduin recently, so it would be foolish to write off “The Quiff.”


2-0 to Jim. Incredible to think that Duzza is averaging over 100 and is 2-0 down.

That’s the standard of the World Pro.


Duzza responds like a champion. 1-2.


But Jim responds lie a champion in waiting.

3-1 to the Welshman and there’s the quiff of a shock about this.

180s from both players to start set 5.


Bull finish from Duzza to break at the start of set 5.