World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


Durrant moving to the PDC If he loses here :smirk:


An admission that the pdc is second rate, rank rotten rubbish.


123 bull finish from Jim to break back. :clap:


Massive deciding leg in set 5 now.


And Jim wins it!

If Duzza wants to retain his title he’ll have to do what Scott Waites did earlier and that’s come back from 4-1 down.


That’s a good way for Glen to set about coming back. An 11 darter.


158 outshot from Duzza to whitewash set 6.

He was unplayable in that set. 11, 14 and 12 darts to win the legs.


Another cracking match!!


Big break by Duzza at the start of set 7. He’s famed for his aim and he’ll put up a real good fight.


That is fucking incredible in fairness.


Five legs in a row now for Duzza. Jim hasn’t had a shot at a double in that time.

Remember Duzza came from 3-0 down and on the absolute brink of defeat against Paul Hogan last year.


No more than Waites it is the sign of a class act when he can blow the opposition away when facing elimination.


Six legs in a row now.

Duzza 3
Jim 4


12 180s now for Duzza.

13 darter at the start of set 8.


Duzza is on fire


It shows how much he wants to stay in the BDO.

It’s like when Macho Man Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior bet their careers on the outcome of their clash at Wrestlemania 7, with the lose having to retire.

We’re one leg away from a decider now.

Jim will at least be pleased that he got a shot at a double in that leg for the first time in eight legs.


This is relentless from Duzza. He can’t miss that 60.

But Jim responds with a 180.


Jim wins a leg!

Durrant can’t emulate his namesake Iain by claiming nine in a row.


Nobody could live with Duzza in this form


Normal service is resumed!

Glen wins set 8 3-1 with a 116 outshot after Jim had just hit a 180 to pressure him.

We have a decider and yet ANOTHER Lakeside classic.