World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


Nuts that this is on so early.


Lakeside rocking to Hey Jude at the break.

GAME ON in the decider.

Jim throwing first.


What channel are you watching this Sidney?


Jim sets up 221 to 41 with a 180.

Duzza sets up 226 to 46 with a 180.

Jim hits the wire on double 8!

Duzza finishes 46!

1-0 to the Boro man against throw.


Channel 4.


Duzza one leg away now


2-0 Duzza!

He’s one away from victory!


Duzza wins!!!

He stays in the tournament!

He stays in the BDO!!!


What a comeback. Duzza knew he couldn’t leave the BDO like that


Would I be correct to say that Durrant won 12 out of 13 legs once he went 4-1 down?


12 legs out of the last 13.

What a way to save your career.

Two quarter-finals won with fightbacks by true champions after being 4-1 down.

And they play each other tomorrow.

“I can’t believe how happy I am right now. I’m a BDO player for life” says Duzza.

It’s time for the jokers in the pdc to make the step up and play with the big boys, Durrant and Waites.


You must be disgusted that nobody is biting @Sidney


This isn’t a Barry Hearn-promoted event, mate. Biting is not tolerated.


100.72 average for Duzza over 9 sets. The creme de la creme.

That translates to about 140 on a pdc board.


What was his average for the last 4 sets do you know sid?


Not sure mate but it must have been up to 110 or thereabouts.


Deta works in the Sorting Office. Christmas is her busiest time and limits her time to practice for the Lakeside.


Deta has folded like a cheap suit here.


Real darts fan’s eye.


Folded like the fold of an envelope.

It was like sorting the Christmas post for the Lancashire Rose.