World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


A grudge Germany-Holland clash in this third quarter-final, and as in the 1974 World Cup final, we have an English referee.

Richard started in a rich veen of form but Michael has nabbed the third set from unter his nose.

Veenstra 2
Unterbuchner 1


11 darter for Richard.


This is a brilliant match.


10 of the bdo top 50 heading to q school.


Woeful game,awful standard.


This is German efficiency at its finest. Relentless from Michael.

The Dutch weren’t much use at fighting back during the war so this one is a done deal, you’d think.


Q stands for quit.

Quitting is for losers.


Veenstra heading to q school. Not trying a leg here.


James Richardson, typically, absolutely perfect in his pronunciation of Michael Unterbuchner.

It’s pronounced Mikkhh-ale Oon-tuh-bookh-nah.


You quite transparently don’t believe any of this or anything you’ve written on the thread thus far and are just trying to disrupt the thread, pal. The inarticulate, fact-free grunts are a dead giveaway.

I suggest two things:
i) Go and have a wank, or
ii) get back to sending weird e-mails to Lorrane Higgins*.

*Don’t do that.


Michael one leg away.




Unreal. Michael was on for the nine darter and loses the leg as Richard cleans up 261 in five darts.




Some bottle from Richard.


Monique is lovely.


Who the hell is Lorraine Higgins?


Great to see the Catholic church represented at Lakeside.


Unconvincing denial, mate.