World Darts Championships 2018 @Lakeside - The Greatest Show On Earth


Cardinal sin from Michael there by going low on madhouse.

Richard cleans up.


Another deciding set match.



Incredible drama in that deciding leg of the eighth set.


To call this a world championship is a restriction of trade. Awful standard.


And our resident pdc troll thinks Richard is trying to lose :laughing:

Superb Dutch comeback.

Couldn’t call this final set now.

The amazing quarter-final drama continues.


The German takes out 130 first and then a 2-dart 62 finish.


Michael takes out 130!



Ruthless efficiency from Michael as he takes out 62 in 2.

One leg away.


Michael has done it!

Germany has a new darting superstar!

The man from Munich threw some magical darts in the final set to clinch it.


Glen durrant " unfortunately I will be staying in bdo".


Go away, you utter simpleton.


On you tube bud as you well know.


Another bdo man off to q school.


Michael showing typical German emotion in his interview. In tears, so he was.

Living his dream.

Unterbuchner uber alles!


This must be the greatest collection of matches in one single day in darting history.


Could be another classic here.

Wayne Warren entering the hallowed arena with his trademark walk on music, “Eye Of The Tiger”.

You can feel the energy from Lakeside through your screen.

I like Wayne’s odds of 13/8 here.

But he’s taking on a true Gladiator in Geezer, who is of great Irish stock.


85 left.

Wayne Warren hits 15 so was going 20 and then bull.

Missed 20 with 2nd dart and missed it again with third dart :smile:

McGeeney punishes to take opening set




Incredible drama and yet more evidence of the fiery furnace of the Lakeside playing tricks on competitors’ minds. Wayne flung two arrows at tops thinking he had 40 left when he in fact required 70.

Edit: his first dart was just outside the wire of treble 15 so his 55-year old eyes obviously thought he’d hit it to get from 85 to 40.


Fuck sake :laughing: