Annoying Office Jargon - Part III

Welcome to 2021

Was it a Covid thing?

An incorrect estimate was sent out to and it was queried by our customers over in the Schtates. According to the email response it appears that the inaccurate estimate was due to an erogenous posting. I’m quite confident that the sender hasn’t a breeze what erogenous means but at least they spelt it right.


Probably sent during a clitical time.


Someone just wrote to me and said …


Is this a common phrase? I thought it was a typo. I mean it kinda makes sense alright…

Same as you putting it to bed I suppose…

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“My overall sense is what’s happened over the last few weeks has been a standard part of the arm wrestle.”


“This seems like the opening salvo in a nuclear arms race & now they’re after firing their first missile.”

Edit for follow up:

“Firing the first missile may help them win the battle but it will be detrimental to their efforts to win the war.”

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That seems a bit garbled. Have they actually launched a nuke or just a regular missile (but with the potential of things escalating to nukes being fired)?

We in an enforcement scenario here? Somebody not paying the dosh back?

I sometimes imagine that you work on the set of star trek.

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Here in an Emotional Intelligence Session at the minute & @Aristotle pops up. Only 29 more slides to go.

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That’s a good one in fairness; I’ve been making serious royalties off that.

Just the right amount of incomprehensible bullshit.

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Those Opta in-house things are gas

‘Emotional Intelligence’ haha