Footix of the Day

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Shocking language there

Wouldn’t it be the football equivalent of Oceans 11? Surely Oceans 11 is the movie equivalent of the Oceans 11 script?

I’ve never watched or read Oceans 11 mate so I can’t judge. But the film version looks like a pile of wank starring wankers

I addressed that in the Man U thread

Sorry pal, I don’t go in there much

@Gman is in his late 50s & he is rattling off top trump stats left right & centre


About a minute later than I expected.

Where were you yesterday pal? You would have had a field day with the footixes

edit: and late 50s? You fucking prick :hot_face:

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Killiney hill mate

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Another win for the Top Reds.

Congratulations @Gman.

We’ve conquered all of TFK, we’re never going to stop :musical_note::musical_note:


@maurice_brown supports one of the richest clubs in the world,


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As i was typing i remembered you were a LOI fan so it wad a half hearted effort

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You will get the slaps in tallaght

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I’ll bring the hurley :smile:

Sky Sports narrative alert

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This type of stuff is absolutely peak footix for me. Almost always Liverpool fans. They GENUINELY think they are ‘better fans’ than man united fans and have a GENUINE sense of pride about it.


Paul howard is an unfunny wanker