Posts that shame TFK

Shur you’re a born liar. How could anyone believe anything you post. You said it yourself on here.


This is the final straw.

A fine album.


Not surprised to see you have your own little thread for touting.

The thread set up by the owner of the forum you mean?

You’re shook

For you and you’re still rattled 5 years on

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You’re the chap going on about beating lads with your cock here. But hey, it’s cool to be gay these days, do what makes you happy as long as it’s with a consenting adult

you’re just as cynical and negative as @anon67715551

Moi - negative and cynical….You’re joking. I even believe that we’ll derail Mayo next weekend.

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You okay mate. Want me to give you a call?

You doing those heavy breathing cold calls again?

If that’s what will calm you down I can do one for you.

You seem disturbed?

I don’t want to put you on ignore, again.