Posts that shame TFK

A topic to log posts unbecoming of this great portal. Not posts you disagree with, just lame quips, poorly constructed arguments and emotional outbursts.

This one from MBB yesterday was brutal:


True, the court case is most likely pending. I’d advise you to remove it

The capitalisation of the initial letter of the word “hotwire” is a disgrace.

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It was a phone typo Sid, hit return rather than space. Forgive the error. I think the rest of the body holds up

Of the Avensis, or the post?

Post naturally

MBB had turned very bitter the last few days. His hatred of dublin is eating away at him. I thought the 1-2 from Philly Mcmahon yesterday was going to send him over the edge.


His willingness to jump on the bandwagon of any team playing Dublin is quite sad. Obviously replicating the stance of his idol Parky, who was formerly bessiers with the Brogans, but now tows the line of KLFM sports department aka Off the Ball.

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klfm :smiley:

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Oh dear

He’s had a very bad weekend, mate. Dublin & Kilkenny both winning might send him over the edge

Delighted for my fellow Leinster counties pal, the premiere province in the GAA.

Now if we could only disband them and get a decent championship in both.

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Wholeheartedly agree rating

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Do we need an intervention from Bressie? I would be very worried if we the all ireland, I could see bitter boy blue have a falling down moment.

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That’s not even a new low for him. A pathetic remark from a pathetic person.

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I possess your worthless soul.

But you’re right, there was fuck all wrong with that post.

For fucks sake you are a horrible human.