Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

When did the special military operation get up graded to a war

I’d say they’ll quit at odessa, or maybe it’ll be a bargaining chip

22nd of March.

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Unless that is imminent it’s hardly news?

Insofar as what’s left of it will be part of Poland?


Who doesn’t walk around with a copy of the American national anthem and a flag when spying for the US?


The plots thicken. In an attempt to get rid of a threat to his position zelensky sent a right sektor brigade to the front line…whete they downed tools and fucked off, which triggered a general collapse of the front line in that area.
If you can’t trust neo nazis, who can you trust?

Enough said

There’s a growing narrative around the Russia are egging Iran on through all of this…