TFK International Business Travel Thread

We’ll be telling you how great it is to be back travelling when this thing is done and dusted

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Only good part of travel to Brussels was having a beer in the bar at centre of Gate B in Brussels and just watching the beauts go by…Gate A was haven for irish muldoon and had to be avoided until the very last minute dash to board… You’d get cornered by some panjandrum trying to regale you tales of how he get stuck in at some meeting when we both knew he was asleep…

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I’ve to go to Donegal the week after next and I’m not sure how I feel about it

Wrong thread Mike, but don’t go licking any of the natives and you’ll be grand

It’s the correct thread for me

You’re here long enough to know better


Believe that a farther shore
Is reachable from here

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Artefacts from a lost world.

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Heathrow Airport posted a £1.5bn loss for the 9-month period ending 30 September. :anguished:

Will we be back on the road in January, guys? Surely antigen testing each side should reduce the risk to an acceptably low level.

Will people want to meet you fresh off a plane.

I see VHI travel insurance only covers travel to Green List countries of which there are none but they are still taking auto renewals and no refunds.

Not a hope. Well into Q2.

Not a chance with the curves and trajectories currently going off the charts across the continent. Even the Dutch are back to working from their keukens instead of mauling each other in the office.

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I was supposed to be going to Sri Lanka in two weeks :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

They’re like ordinary toiletries with a nought on the end.

Any day now




I don’t do much international business travel. Usually a couple of times per annum at most. I’ve a bit of work that I was to do in Argentina this summer but obviously that didn’t happen. I’m just finishing up some of the paperwork for it today and I’ve tentatively put down that it will happen next July (2021) :grimacing:

Here’s hoping!

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