The Bookmarked Posts Thread

A thread to log those Bookmarked posts which thankfully can be put to use at a later date.

Poor @Peejaymc


How many months later ? - jesus, he had you in a spin with a couple of off hand comments


You’d be book marking posts every second day here if you let it get to you… The INTERNET is only serious if you let it be , bro.

I’d totally forgotten tbh. Yum yum…

Our auld comrade @Brimmer_Bradley had a serious amount of bookmarking done.

Whenever he gets over his industrial dispute with the two biddies at work, he’ll come back here and unleash the bookmarks. It’ll be a momentous day


Brimmer died bro.

@Daisy killed him

He didn’t mate. There has been some communication in the private Tipp members group


@Brimmer_Bradley has been dissolving away inside an industrial barrel behind @codegreen shed for the past year at least, the smell was something awful he was doing him a favour.

Interesting stuff that is

I can confirm that @Brimmer_Bradley still walks amongst us lads just under a nom de plume

That’s good to know

If it were true

Oh no…

You sneaky cunt

how many handles is @chocolatemice running now do you reckon?

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I’d guess about 7/8


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I think it deserves it another @Brimmer_Bradley night in shit he has issues