The Gut Health Thread

I’d say you’re telomeres are getting a deadly stretching

@Kyle has been calling it for years


Here it is guys…


Its actually truly profound when you think about it. There’s lads on here weakly stumbling around in a medicated stupour of depression when all they rrally need to do is take a few days to sort out their gut biome

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Lads, I have taken to eating a natural yogurt first thing in the morning, it is essential it reaches the large intestine before you really begin your day, then a ice plunge really sets you up for the day ahead

I am the cold shower stage. Well, i do 1 minute of cold exposure at the end of a warm shower. I hate the thoughts of it but force myself to do it and it really works for me. A full reset.

Next step would be the full ice bath but not sure around the practicalities.

Cc @Kyle


Glass of home fermented kefir is the one.

Hes already the control substance as the perfect gut

So you break your fast then?