The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist


I love GAA first, CCFC,then anything Cork,know but what do you expect,I’d follow cork in cricket if they had a county team


Keep posting lads. If the internet has taught us anything it’s that 2 lads on polar opposites of an argument will eventually meet in the middle. I’d say about 10 years of this aul shite and ye will be besties. Pair of Gomies


29th March 2019


I would say this thread will do it. When you see him trawling through years of old posts to conjure up a flimsy argument, you know a mental breakdown is near.


You didn’t see the irony of writing that in reply to Swastika Tim?

Nah, course you didn’t. :laughing:


Equating Muslims to the Nazis…

Jaysus, this thread isn’t going well for poor @labane1917 , is it?

And now he’s resorted to changing the thread title :laughing:

When that happens, you know you’ve won.




Renouncing Islam. Does this mean she is.a racist?


I’ll field this one.



As @myboyblue would say, gas cunts


Just wondering


Aye, you really do need a lot of things explained to you, because your compehension skills aren’t very good.


You think?


:slight_smile: this virtue signalling game aint easy


Can somebody define “race” please?


Alf Tupper


It’s hard man


was he not a racer?


Was being a smart arse,race as in , Alf Tupper " king of the track ( race) glad someone remembers the victor/ Hotspur


Starting to think you must be close to my age, which ain’t good for you! :rofl: