Buffalo, Bison and Racism

Beyond beef is the new beef.
Nobody will be eating dead animals a decade from now.

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You killed all the buffalo.


Would plastic meat work in your Persian dishes?

In 20 years time people will look back and think what the fuck were they doing eating meat

Beyond meat, you meant

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Ah thats a bare faced lie and you are a sneaky little shit for peddling it. Put up or shut up, lets see the repeated ‘racism’ that gets you banned around here.

It appears throwing unfounded accusations my direction is the tactic of the moment round here. @backinatracksuit another one unable to back up his lies. ( is that devious horrible little man ever going to withdraw his disgraceful allegation that i labelled him a paedo for sleeping in a tent with his childeren?)

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Give all white men guns. Let the white man go the way of the buffalo.

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I’m not talking about this with you here. Your tiresome wind up schtick got boring and repetitive and your try hard edginess is equally pathetic. But you have been demonstrably racist on here and I’m not wasting my time trawling through the dregs of your posts to prove it to you again.

Thanks for your feedback though.


They are bison, not buffalo, but it’s a common mistake.

Essentially cattle have replaced bison, there used to be about 60 million bison before the white man appeared, dropped to a few hundred after the genocide and now back to 500K. Bison are hard to domesticate, 500 kilos running at you at 40 miles an hour is no joke. A bit more challenging than Limousin cattle.

What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison ?

Different species so as different as a human from a chimp. Bison and cattle are closer related (and can mate) than bison and buffalo.

Try wash your face in a Buffalo

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You are a liar. Seeing that you cant be bothered backing yourself up then maybe one of your lapdog followers might do it for you.
Come on you shitheads, finish giving @rocko his like and dig out some of the repeatedly racist posts i am responsible for that were so bad that i has to be banned.

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Just gave him the like there.


Help the guy out will you.

Fuck up. Im not even going to give you a compliment by calling you a cunt. Because by calling you a cunt implies that that you have some scintilla of intelligence. You’re nothing more than an obnoxious fuckwit whose only contribution here is the "look at me now mammy. Aren’t I great? " fuckology you go on with.


You should be banned. Im nor even going to go into the reasons why but you should get the road.


Will you stay out of it you fucking halfwit.

“Mammy there all at me now”
I’ll post where I want fucko